scope chrisis


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
now that my NF is on it's way I see this which I like better!!!

and at $400less

What to do?
I have not used that particular scope but unless SA has really improved their quality we are talkin' apples and oranges.
Wannabee came to mind the whole time I used the SA, that scope was not even close to my NXS's.

Turrets were unreliable (put on elevation, got some windage also virtually every time), optics not even close, illuminated reticle was dead when I took it out of the box - only thing that worked and was neat was the little bubble level inside the field of view at the bottom.

Some people might have great luck with SA scopes, but myself and a bunch of other guys didn't.

KEEP THE NXS.. trust me.. like Ian said it is like comparing apples to oranges as fas as EVERYTHING is concerned. You are getting arguably one of the best scopes made! Only very few scope top the NXS line in my opinion...
I know what you guys mean about the NF, I already got one and love it, the one thing that really bothers me is that the ranging only works at determined magnification settings. The integral bubble is another great attraction, but I am ordering the B-Square peice that I saw here.

My Dad likes the SA's. He has three of them and a NF. To me, there is no comparison at all. Be glad you went NF.
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