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Sep 28, 2013
Hi everyone...I'm looking for some advice on an upcoming scope purchase. I'm new to this long range stuff as I'm primarily a bowhunter, but I'm in the process of hopefully converting my 30-06 into a 600 yd rifle

My question is this:

I would like a mid priced, quality scope in the $500-$600 range that I can use to practice out to extended yardages (500-600 yds), but dial it back down to shoot eastern woodlot whitetails at 100 yards. I've looked at tons of scope reviews, but would like some more input.


There are literally dozens of scopes that fit that description. Personally I have 4 Zeiss Conquests, 1 Nikon Tactical, and 1 Clearidge Ultra XP5. I would buy any one of these again in a heartbeat if I needed another mid priced optic. The most versatile of the bunch is the Clearidge, it's a 4.5x22.5x50 and gives me the best of both ends of the spectrum. My Conquests are (3) 6.5x20 and (1) 4.5x14. The 6.5x20 is just a little high on the low end for working in the woods and the 4.5x14 just doesn't have quite enough magnification at times. The Nikon is a 2x10 and low on the high end for real precision work at distance.

This of coarse is just my personal opinion and I'm sure you'll get others. Your best bet would be to go somewhere that carries a wide variety of scopes and find out what your eyes like.


Take a real good look at the vortex hst 4-16 it is an awesome scope for the money it has many high end features including moa reticle, and zero stop, and fits right into your budget. I run one on a 270 wsm and it is an awesome fit perfect for a rifle that is meant to be packed but will be shot out to 600-1000 yards as well. The turrets are easy to see and tracking is spot on. This scope is quickly becoming one of our favorites for hunters looking for a mid priced optic that performs awesome!!

We have a couple in stock if you like what you see.
I second the notion for the Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16X44. I have one on a newly built 284 long range shooter and I really like this scope. Mine is in MRADs because my other heavy target rifle is wearing a Razor HD in MRADs and I thought I would keep it the same for simplicity sake. The glass on these HS-Ts is very good and the reticle is about as perfect as you can get in my opinion, turrets work well and tracking is spot on. I have shot several 5 shot groups where I alternated back and forth my hold over corrections between turret adjustments and hold overs on the reticle. I find this is a great test for a scope because I have had a few in the past where turrets and reticles did not agree with one another and this is not a good situation to be in.

Good luck with what ever you purchase.
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