leapers scope advice

I have one. It's been on a .22LR and an air gun (springer rifle, RWS). On the air gun I had to send it back after 2mo. because it kept loosing its zero. The replacement on the .22 did okay, but now the windage isn't working do to falling on the turret from about 12" drop when it tipped over on the bipod on a concrete floor. I have to send that one back. I will suggest looking at the Vortex Crossfire, Vortex Viper, Redfield, Sightron SI, or SWFA SS scope. You might want to look into the Hawke, and Bushnell 3200 series. One that I just remembered that would be really good for the money is the Mueller scopes. I would stay away from Leapers. I'm going to send mine back, get it repaired and sell it this spring in a yard sale.
I have three, one 3x9 on my Beeman pellet gun and the other two are the Accushot. For the money I have been happy with them. If you use the mildots they work pretty well but don't try to crank them up and down. The optics are reasonably clear and point of impact didn't even change when on a 300 win mag. I sheared off a set of Leopold rings due to recoil and the heavy scope. I put the scope back on with new Warne rings and never had any more problems.
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