savage stock question


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Nov 20, 2011
philipsburg pa
I have been hearing a lot of talk about people tricking out there savages, does anyone make a good synthetic stock for them for a factory replacement with a sporter barrel that doesnt cost more than the gun,I talked to Bell& Carlson and they said they didnt because if constant design changes.Thanks
Last Fri. My wife and I were treated to a tour of the HS Precision factory in Rapid City. They are building stocks for the Savages. Full length aluminum bedding blocks. Looks like a good product to me. Likely contribute to a accurate rifle. Bruce
Bell and Carlson does make a cheap replacement, the Duramaxx, they have them for long and short actions, factory or heavy barrel. And they say they don't work with centerfeed mags, but the inletting for the magizine bracket takes 2 minutes.
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