Savage M12 VLP DBM vs. Remington 700 actions

Which action would you prefer for a semi custom build?

  • Savage Model 12 VLP DBM

    Votes: 15 57.7%
  • Remington Model 700 variation

    Votes: 11 42.3%
  • Other

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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Dec 2, 2013
Cle Elum, WA
This will be my first thread on here and I really hope I'm placing this in the correct spot.

I'm looking to do another build but was hoping I could get some advice on action choice before getting started. I put together what I'd consider a nice shooting Savager over the summer based on the model 11.

I want to build another rifle for longer range, which is why I'm looking at the model 12 VLP, but the best price I can find for one is $495. I'm thinking of putting together a 6.5mm WSM or possibly a 270 WSM. This is why I'm wondering which action is of higher quality and if the 700 is of higher quality whether there's anything within this price range.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is whether or not it's a preference thing or the 700 is truly the better action. The reason I'm even curious is because it seems most custom guns are built on a variation of the 700, not the Savage.

Thanks for reading and I hope to learn from you all.
I've had my share of Remington's when I was younger, still have 1 in .300 RUM. I build all the time now, and ever since the Accutrigger came out I've been shooting Savage's. I have Tac, FTR, F/Open, BR, and Hunting rifles all on Savage actions, very happy.:D The VLP would make a good platform to build off of, especially for $495.00, and you could sell the stock and upgrade later, if needed. You say this is for LR, what type or types?
I have a custom Rem 700 in 300 RUM with Jewel trigger. Shoots very well, but I have a Savage LRP that out shoots it, I am sorry to say.

Just finished my "weekend" build on a Savage 12 VLP action, Just like the one you are considering. The 12 VLP actions are very good as the accutrigger goes down to 1.5 lb pull. The hunting actions just go down to 2.5 lb.

I would not get a Rem 700 action and have it worked on so it will perform. You may or may not achieve what you were wanting. If I wanted a 700 style action for a build, I would just get a custom action like Stiller or something. Otherwise I would use the Savage 12 action you are looking at.

Below rifle is:
Savage 12 VLP action 300 WSM
HS Precision stock
McGowen 26" bull barrel
Badger brake
Darkeagle 5 round mag (Works perfect and uses the Savage bottom metal.)
Vortex PST scope

300 WSM and first group after 1 fouling shot. The horizontal was my fault.


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farout, nice rig. I've never put a Savage together that did not shoot tight.gun)
Remington 700 all the way.

If it weren't for the Remington 700, Savage would have never had anything to copy... :D
Kind of a funny story. I have a pet 700 I refuse to mod. It was gift from my father. It shoots really well. When I was looking at doing a build my LR buddies and friends who are smiths wanted me to mod that rifle. True this, true that, jewel trigger, target crown, bed, do this, do that. I bought a Savage and they just said, well, hmph, ok, when you shoot the barrel out we can rebarrel it. Not one person talks about doing squat to the savage. I personally like the rem action fit and feel but have no dislike for the savage at all even if it Ain't Purty.

I will be building a new rifle this winter and it will be on savage. I have all the tools to do it and look forward to making it happen with own hands. Good luck no matter what you choose.
Thanks for all the replies so far! Far more informational than I could have expected. I don't think I made myself clear with the original post though. I will only be purchasing the action, not a complete rifle. I plan to get a Pac Nor, Brux or Bartlein barrel put on whatever rifle I end up with. Jury's still out on the stock at this point.

Anyways, that's why I was wondering if there's any custom "700 style" actions within this sub $500 price range worth the money.

Farout - looks like the targets my 308 is capable of I put together this past summer. Great looking gun and group!
*More information on build*

I'm trying to build a light-weight, long range, tack-driver on one of these actions. I'd like the gun to weigh < 8.5 lbs scoped and loaded. This will be my go-to rifle for all the hunting I do, whether mountain top hunts or at the bench.
I love my model 12lrp 300wsm! It dont care what you feed it, everything has ben 1/2 moa or better...i did trim the spring on the trigger to lighten it up more, you pull the accutrigger and breathe on the trigger....

On a side note mines 14# on the scale and i pack it everywhere....
I'd go with a Savage action, 26" pre-fit barrel, and a lighter weight stock, many options to choose from. You'll keep the weight down, but 8.5 may be a little hard to do, depending on optics. My first savage was a .22-250 FVSS, plastic stock. I hogged out the forearm, bedded the recoil lug area and bedded a stiff carbon Fat-Shaft arrow in the forearm to stiffing it up. It has a 6-18x40 Nikon Buckmaster on it with a 20 MOA base. It is a sweet shooter out to 850 yards, thats the fartest I've taken this one. NO ACTION WORK.
I'm looking at a Pac Nor #4 or #5 contour with 6 flutes or something similar from one of the other manufacturers listed. The reason I'm using PN for a reference is because I'm able to get an estimate on what the weight of such a barrel would be: 3.2lbs or 3.55lbs.

I'd like to have Stockade make/fit one of their Mule Deer stocks on it.

For optics I'm thinking something smaller and more compact. Depending on how cash flow goes with the build I could end up with either: Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x32 (don't like the illumination dial option though), Weaver Tactical 2-10x36 (favorite choice right now) or a Nightforce NXS 2.5-10x32/42 (price is WAY more than I would like to pay, but I know they're supposed to be awesome).

Haven't decided on what base or rings I'll use and whether or not I'll put a bipod on it. If I end up mounting a bipod, obviously I'll be going over that 8.5lbs limit I'm hoping to remain under.

The Savage action is looking better and better from where I'm sitting =) I can't believe they don't get more hype if so many people are using them, they don't require a smith "fixing" them and they're as cheap as they are. How would you say they compare to a higher end custom "700 style" action? Does it just come down to which one people feel is "easier on the eyes"?

Thanks again for the advice and help!
The main thing the Remingtons have going for them is the choice of triggers and stocks. There are several "cloned" Rem 700 custom actions out there (which would NOT need to be blueprinted) but they start at $950 and thats typically without a trigger or magazine.

Google "stiller", "shilen" (an OEM version of a Stiller), Pearse (in Lansing, MI) and there are surely more.

There would certainly be a subjective difference between a custom action and a Savage. The custom or "properly" blueprinted Rem 700 action would have smaller clearances, better camming action (chambering or unchambering), better bolt lug engagement, and (for extra $) have the best possible triggers.

No-one makes a trigger comparable to a Jewel for a Savage action. The one game in town regarding improved Savage triggers (sharp shooter supply) has had many customer service issues in the last year and one has to wonder how long they will stay in business. Fitting their trigger also requires sending in the Savage action to them and that could take many months currently.

So, if you have the money, get a custom action. There is really no better way to go. The wait time for the ones I mentioned will be shorter too. If you don't have the money, get the Savage. Try the factory barrel, if the twist rate is OK, else take it off. If it is a new fluted varmint barrel, sell it. I got $180 for mine. Thats not to be sneezed at. Then get the best barrel you can afford and screw it on and you will be in business.
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