Savage 6.5-284

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    May 30, 2001
    After 1 year of ordering I finally received it. It needed little work to take it to the range to sight in and fire form some brass. I had big time extrations problem from the start, flaten primer and a deep scratch on the case. I tried a diff powder at a milder load with the same problems. I went to a factory ammo Nosler 130 and had the same problem. I have a custom built 6.5-284 that has no problem with these loads. Factory ammo for this rifle costs $3.00/ shell. I sent the rifle back, but have no clue as to what is wrong in the chamber. The c/l, col, is within specs. The head was expanding at over .010, the bolt face was etched. This the only nib rifle I have had any major rts problems with, and not my only Savage. Any one got a clue?