New Savage 6.5/284???


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Nov 19, 2007
There is an article about a new Savage 6.5/284 rifle in the current issue of Shooting Times. This rifle had an adjustable cheek rest and a 3 cartridge magazine capacity. I am unable to find any other info about this rifle. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Quick to point out deficiencies it seems that you missed that the original poster mentioned a magazine.

Apparently they have a repeater in the article and if that is the case then others will undoubtedly be curious as well.

I was not able to google anything about a new repeater.
I do not have the magazine but I would make sure it is not special ordered or custom.

If not, you may have found my next rifle:)
If you read the article carefully, the rifle as reviewed is essentially still an engineering prototype out for field testing. Note the part where Layne Simpson talks about some changes that they will be making based on his evaluation, etc. Also the part where in the spec table for calibers it says something to the effect of '6.5-284 (as tested), other long range calibers' meaning 'not in production so as yet undecided' :D

It does look like a pretty slick setup; kinda got me wanting one as well. Either 6.5-284 for chucks, 'yotes, deer, maybe an antelope trip, or maybe 7mm RM to include an elk in that mix. Either way looks like a nice rifle.
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