Savage 111 LRH 338 Lapua


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Aug 27, 2009
Rigby, Idaho
I'm considering this rifle and was just wondering if those of you that have one would buy it again if you had it to do over again? Please give reasons either way. I would be using it for backpack hunting for long range mule deer and elk. Also please include load info.
Thanks Jon
Only had mine for a few months but yes I'd buy it again. Hornady 285, 91 gr H1000 with CCI 250 primer has been the most accurate so far. Still working on the Hornady load after using up a box of Berger 300 OTM's. Rifle with scope, bipod and 5 rounds weighs just over 12 pounds.
I have one too. I bought mine when they first came out. My problem with packing is one, the weight and 2, barrel length. In our wooded terrain, the barrel hangs on limbs, a PITA, especially in my Ebrelstock.

I tend to carry my Savage 308, it's short barrel is more woods friendly. Lapua brass, 92 grains H1000 and a SMK or Lock Base pill for me. Stay away from Hornady brass. It's been unreliable for some.

You might want to break the barrel in on HSM's loaded in Lapua brass with 250 SMK's. That way you get good brass and break in rounds to boot.
Sidecarflip and Ludicrous can you see the impacts through the scope or is the recoil to great for that.
Thanks Jon
I usd the scope to ascrtain the impact up to 300 yards (which is all I can do here without invoking the ire of adjacent landowners) if thats what you refer to. I'm using a Vortex Viper PST 6.5-24 SF.

Mine don't recoil any harder than a 308 so I can maintain a sight pictute but I tend to briefly look away as a matter of reflex. Old habits from hard recoilers are hard to break.
I had shot the LRH version owned by a friend at my club. It shot well. I ended up buying the FCP version due to the HS Precision stock and fluted, heavier barrel. Only had it a couple of months and havent had the time to do any LR work. The FCP adds about a pound and a half compared to the LRH, and totals out about 14 pounds. It shoots .5 MOA with 300 gr Bergers, 89.2 gr Retumbo, Lapua Brass, Fed 215's. They are loaded .030" out of the lands. The break works well in reducing recoil but I can't see impact at 22x and 200 yards, the furthest I've tested it so far. I have about 120 rounds through it. I would buy the rifle again. I was pleasantly surprised with the fit and finish. The trigger was set to a very crisp 2 pound setting which I haven't touched. Make sure you Lock Tite(blue) the scope rail and guard screws, mine loosened after 20 rounds. Been fine since.
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