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  1. meathead

    meathead Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2002
    I need advice from people in the know. In 1995 I bought a Savage 110FP Tactical chambered in 300 Win. Mag.. I bought it to play at the 1,000yd. range in Missoula. The rifle is very accurate. But with the 24" barrel, the most I can safely push 200 SMK bullets is 2800 fps. I am planing to rebarrel with a 30" Lilja Stainless. I am planing to stay with the 300 Win., although the 300 RUM is tempting( I do not mind single feeding). Is the Savage suitable for such a project, or would I be better off using a Rem.,etc.? [​IMG]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I think the problem you will run into is not really with the Savage but rather the gunsmith community.
    Remington 700's are very common. Everybody is comfortable and familiar with them.And aftermarket parts are very plentiful.
    My Savage in 300 Win mag also shoots very well. But I went out and bought a Rem 700 when I decided I was at exactly the same point you are at right now.And for the same reasons. My $.02
    Good luck.

    DANTEC Well-Known Member

    Jul 6, 2002
    that very easy to rebarrel Savage with a barrel fitting as Rem ( with out the nut and with a shoulder in the barrel ) by this way that allow you to use 1.250 or better 1.350 barrel diameter with a thick recoil lug and a good quality recoil lug ( I use Tubb recoil for REM700 )fit on a square receiver face , nothing more more thing less to improve the Savage .

    the best in 30 cal ( not exotic ) are
    300 Wea ( tight throat ) neck .338
    30/8 REM neck 0.338
    300 RUM tight throat neck 0.340

    for all of them cases are availbale at good price , dies came from Redding ( for 30/8 REM I use 7 STW S die open to 30 with 30 bushing ).

    Savage WAS not popular because :
    In the past there is any good trigger on the market for the Savage and original trigger is not wonderfull but now the problem is solve .
    The rifle doesn't look pretty lot of shooters are very sensitive to the look and some are only sensitive to the look even if the rifle is not the TOP of TOP no problem the rifle is pretty ( Happy world ).

    Enjoy Savage I have two Savage 110 action and that make good rifles with low cost and strong real long action .

    EDM rifles are an over size Savage action ( in design )and make with good quality ( custom made ) and EDM rifles / action works fine so ...

    Good shooting

  4. ppro

    ppro Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2002

    You can get Savage Competition recoil lugs, a barrel nut wrench, Competition trigger, and some mighty fine stocks from Sharp Shooter Savage Specialities....ask for their catalog, ....their e mail was: [email protected]

    I have had some really fine custom rifles built based on the Savages, and in fact, their has been much discussion as to why they tend to shoot so well. Specificially, it seems to have to do with the bolt design and the lugs ability to center up, or rather, even out the force on the recoil lugs as opposed to a conventional bolt. This, I think, is partly why companies such as Gre'-Tan Rifles, have concentrated their efforts with conventioal rifles, to center up the bolt and minimize play however the Savage system does this by design (has to do with the way the Savage bolt is designed).
    The really nice thing about the Savage system, is that you have the equivelant of a switch barrel gun. Buy your barrel, and install it yourself, or put what ever barrel you want on......a much lower cost system I think overall....and yes, they will shoot!

    Issues like what to build on are discussed endlessly, but do yourself a favor, and find out what you can do with your Savage....then decide......

    kind regards

  5. grkldoc

    grkldoc Member

    Feb 5, 2002
    The savage is very suitable for this project if you can find someone interested in doing the work. I have been very impressed with the value in these rifles. Though I have worked with Winchester and Remington as well, right now Savage is my favorite action. The down side of using this action is the lack of choice of accessories. For example, every stock maker has 15 models for the Rem 700 2 for the winchester and maybe 1 for the Savage.
    I have rebarreled the stainless laminated stock rifle with a 30" pac-nor barrel #7 taper and placed a new trigger. It is chambered in 300 RUM and set up like a remington with an oversize recoil lug. I get 3250 fps with 210 gr Berger VLD with sub half MOA all day long(or as long as its comfortable to shoot).
  6. meathead

    meathead Well-Known Member

    May 4, 2002
    Thankyou kindly, one and all. Excellent information. I am going to follow through with the project because of the positive responce I recived at this site. I also found out that the Savage 110 has 20 threads to the inch, and a one inch thread depth in the receiver, and is considered superior for fitting a heavy match barrel. [​IMG] When the project is finished(months from now)I will post my results, and again, thank you for sharing your information!!