Sako A7 LRH or Remington Sendero or ?

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  1. wilkup

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    Dec 2, 2013
    I've been getting into this game a little deeper at a time and have finally decided to take the full on plunge and submerge myself into this fun lifestyle. My experience is with a Savage I put together to suit my needs that I could get out to 600yd, keeping my 5 shot groups to about 3''. I'm ready to step up to a true long range hunting caliber/rifle combo.

    What would you pick for an everything rifle?

    Budget: ~ $1000

    Hunting - Elk, Deer, Bear, Cougar, Varmints
    Targets - 700+

    I'm pretty set on either a 7mm Rem Mag or 300 Win Mag.

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  2. Jud96

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    Jun 30, 2013
    Check out the new Remington 700 Long Range. Comes from the factory with a B&C stock, 26" varmint contour barrel, and is chambered in standard long action calibers, and magnum long action shells. They are under $1000 too.
  3. Iclimb

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    Aug 4, 2013

    Talked to a friend who looked at them and he says they're on par with the sps, from remington. While you do get some nice features, there is a feeling of better quality in the sendero.

    I would save up a little and get a sendero, probably seek an older low rd one. Like an SF or "original blued" there seems to be some thought that the accuracy (probability) is better in the older models. I think you're right on as far as caliber, I've seen sf2's in 7mm go on GB for 1k if you're set on new. I'd look in some local shops or watch these classifieds as they've been selling pretty high on gunbroker right now.

    The a7 long range is a good looking gun and SAKO is a known accurate maker but there seems to be a lack of reviews on them which may or may not mean anything. I have a friend who shoots milk jugs at 1200 with a stock sako 30-378. The 700's have an endless availability of parts and upgrades. I have a very accurate savage long range hunter in 7mm, that you may look at, it comes in under your price point. When I do my part it'll shoot .3's with handloads. I'd take a Savage LRH over the new Remington LRH. In the end I think you should look at the sendero's in the calibers mentioned. I may be a little bias though