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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
Hey guys,
Just a quick question, How many of you shoot with safety glasses on?
Now Im not knockin thier roll when there nessisary(like overhead cutting on wood or steel, or even with some black powder guns) Im just of the opinion, ''use them when you feel you need to''.
I just toured yet another ''rod & gun club'' that the insurance companys have scared to death....One of thier rules(like alot of places these days) is ''eye protection at all times at or near the bench''. You dont even have to be the shooter, but your still required to wear them.
I personaly cant get comfy cradeling into my rifle with them on. Ive tried, but theyre so distracting I JUST REFUSE TO WEAR THEM while shooting.
As much as Id like to belong to a well kept and safe range, I just wont spend the $ to be ''that guy who always rocks the boat''. Rules are rules, and I dont want to offend the club or its members by willingly paying dues, and breaking them. I never wear them while hunting-nor will I- so why would I wear them while practicing? The same arguement could made for hearing protection while hunting, how ever I belive that most all rifles and guns are loud enough to pose a threat to your hearing. So i always wear earplugs while practicing. But the glasses thing drives me nutts and is IMO completely un-nessisary for most (not all)shooting situations.
Are there any clubs left that arent completely ''californicated'' by lawyers?
I guess I may have to settlte for goin out to the desert to shoot.....
My dues at a club should pay for range time, and upkeep, and the use of a bench and backstop, Ive even done volunteer work for some clubs to help promote our sport, and enjoyed doing it. But Ill be danged if Im gonna pat dues for some lawyer to tell me what Im gonna wear while I shoot my rifles, and guns.
Any opinions on this-for or against-the mandate?
I don't usually wear eye & ear protection when hunting. I always wear glasses and ear protection at the range. I don't give a rat's a** what other people wear or don't wear.
Depends a lot on where I am, who else is there and what is being shot at. I used to shot a lot of steel. Of course your going to wear protection doing that but I've seen rounds come from the pistol range onto the rifle range and I've seen one person struck that way. I understand why they do it but it's a pain when your shooting 200yds from a bench. Where I shoot now days, I don't need to worry about other folks much. lol
I try to always wear them, I forget a lot. I'm using a muzzle brake 90% of the time and they blow all kinds of crap around, snow and dirt fly pretty good. Plus as a guy who's had major surgery on my eye socket when I didn't have insurance, I know almost exactly how valuble eye's are :)
As a firm beliver in ''COMMON SENSE'' safety, I can appreciate why some people wear them. muzzle break etc. and A round from the handgun range striking a person on the rifle range....holy bleep! I doubt if Id shoot there again untill proper berms etc were in place. But thats kinda my point. My dues and volunteer svc. to a club should go for maintenance,up keep and range time for a well kept and safe place to shoot. I dont need the GESTAPO, telling me what Ill wear when I shoot my own rifles and guns. Common sense says always wear ear protection because hearing damage can and WILL happen if you dont. I also move 2 or three lanes away from anyone with a break or pack up and go home if theres no room. again common sense. But mandatory eye protection kinda goes hand in hand with ''lead-free'' bullets only in California. What a crock! Too many lawyers, not enuf common sense. I f a person feels safer wearing them great, go ahead. But I for one refuse to pay dues to a club that MANDATES it. If Im in a situation that ''requires'' them like grinding steel at odd angles Ill do it till they fog up then take a braek and un fog them and repeat.... My nose has been broken so many times that Any glasses sit funny on my head, and get in the way when I shoot, and fog up constantly and are more of a distraction and pain in the butt than theyre worth. Combined with my mutt/heins57 heritage, I have some native blood mixed in there so I have high cheek bones and a long narrow face wich when combined with a very crooked nose bone, only widen the gap thats supposed to be closed off by glasses. Ill spend my $ on gas to go out to the desert to shoot. But I wish it could go for something that helps promote our sport like a club membership, Rather than feeding lawyers egos, and Insurance companys greed.
I need a slight perscrition to get the last bit of clairity and sharpness out of my eyes. So I got a nice set of sunglasses that have low profile ear pieces with impact resisten polarized lense. I wear them everywhere including shooting and hunting. It helps to pick out game at further distances for me and keeps down glare.

On a side note I use to shoot a lot of trap and skeet. One day while I was out shooting one of my Mossbergs during a competition I had the shotguns bolt locking mechanism fail on me and blew back when I pulled the trigger. I was not wearing any eye protection and the safety button broke in half and hit me right between the eyes on the bridge of my nose. I took the hint and now always wear my glasses even if it is a cloudy day.

You never know what can happen when the explosion in the chamber that is really close to your face happens. You can pierce a primer or have a case failure and your eyes are one of those things that are really hard to fix. I would like to be shooting for a long time so a nice set of glasses are cheap insurance.

shooting handcannons with muzzle brakes & rifle scopes, I don't touch the trigger without hearing and eye protection . inside a deer blind without the hearing protection and one shot will have your ears ringing for many days if not the rest of your life. broke down and bought a pair of Decot shooting glasses, they are the best I have ever used, various colors to choose from and frame styles + lenses with my RX, don't worry about flying debri or scope eye any more.
Well thanks for the comments. SES50, I hope your noggin is ok now. I see alot of trap guys shooting with this brand or that of cardboard on the rails on thier glasses to help track the bird etc.
Im not trying to draw a line in the sand as to weather your right or wrong for choosing to wear eye protection. But I do belive in common sense safety.and will not join a club that mandates eye protection. period. To all the people who choose to go the extra mile, good for you. If you feel safer using them go for it.I hope you never come across a situation where you needed them on.
Maybe that means I wont get to enjoy the luxuries of a club, maybe not. Just my thoughts on lawyer run clubs mandating thier use.
Shot indoor rifle and pistol club here, it was required, with pistol, semi auto it is a real good idea, lots of stuff blowing back, you would get the occasional hot brass down the shirt collar thing, that would wake you up:D
One good lawsuit could put a club out of business. There's this thing I like to call due diligence...that's what their lawyers do...if there is a lawsuit and the club has any chance of defeating it then they better be able to demonstrate due diligence...did they take all reasonable measure to protect the public etc etc. having said that I don't like and too often don't wear them either. But the older I get I guess the more it's sinking in to wear them, they just feel bulky and uncomfortable.
YA. As a supt in construction I get the unfortunate task of griping at my guys to wear them...Often this requires me to lead by example....agravates the heck out of me to enforce stuff I dont nessisarily agree with, but lawyers made the rules, and if I wanna be employed I gotta do all of my job, even the crappy part.
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