Running the stuff


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Apr 15, 2012
It looks like the Millenials and new generations are running things. Not sure what you do, but I am still using the different things, didn't get to running them yet. :p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
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The generations march on. My dad got three purple hearts in WW2 and he taught me how to shoot. Sit down and wrap up in that sling and squeeze the trigger on that 30.06! He was born in 1923 and I was born in 1954. His dad, born in the 1800's, was a WW1 veteran, so both of them killed Germans. My ancestors fought on both sides of the Civil War and both sides of the Revolutionary war too. Now my sons have rifles and can shoot pretty well. But nobody in the family fights in wars any more.
I’m a gen x, and I don‘t run anything, I use things. There have been a handful of times when I ran while elk hunting, but only as a means of rapid(ish) motion.
When I was a boy we put a potato in the oven and watched it bake, and we liked it because that’s the way it was. 😁