Running out of primers


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May 18, 2013
I'm in the situation where I'm running out of Federal 215 primers for my 338 Lapua Rogue. which primer would you use instead??? thanks for any help is appreciated, embork
thanks for your help everybody, looked for wolf or tula cant find them anywhere. heard there not importing them anymore. I have cci 250 and Winchester primers. but I asked a couple of local shooters and one sold me a brick. have my first 1000yard shoot coming up next month only 15 min from home. I'm glad I didn't have to start over with different primers. embork
The best thing about the Federal primer shortage, particularly the "match" primers shortage, is that I was forced to try other primers.

Switching to CCI match primers for many of my loads has made be a new customer who won't be switching back anytime soon. I also learned that Federal 215 (plain) primers shoot every bit as good as the 215M primers.
I just ordered several thousand Federal 215's from Midsouth Shooter Supply, they show to have them in stock.

I also have never seen a difference between the 215 and 215 match.
I've never bought a match primer, unless it was the only brick in stock in what I wanted... The best sub for a 215 is usually the wlrm primer... I don't like cci primers that much as they are a bit sootier... I do use them occasionally in less overbore chamberings though...
Went to cabelas today ordered 5000 of fed 215 primers. Had to go to store to get my discount. I work at cabelas dc. If your order is over 99.00 free shipping. They probably wont last long.
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