Ruger No 1 1000yd shooter?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by greggo, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Oct 9, 2010
    I'm Gregg and I live in Tucson Az. My favorite thing to do is shoot across canyons down here in the Santa Rita Mountains at rocks. Yup, thats rite-rocks. I love hearing that bullet scream across there and smack that durned ole rock over there and make gravel fly ! Course, the smaller the rock, the better the challenge. I like to hunt too, tho I have not done any of that in 30 yrs or so. I found this web site trying to research 338-378 weatherby ballistics and custom rifles. Some time ago I acquired a Ruger No 1 in a 416 Rem Mag, and I shot it quite a bit, loading my own ammo, and the cartridge just never did it for me. Frankly, IMO, at the distances I like to shoot from, it is a genuine TURD. So I got to thinking , maybe a hot rod 338. At that time, 338 Lapua was all the rage, and I looked at it close, but found the $125 for a box of 20 brass only a little distasteful. Then I remebered the 338-378 Weatherby. Not only is it faster, but my local gun store keeps a small inventory of this brass in stock, at 1/2 the price, I might add ! So, in my infinite wisdom, and realizing that I of course knew everything ( insert wise smile here ) I ordered a BEAUTIFUL Lilja barrel in the same taper as the 416 Rem Mag. Now, 2yrs later, I am getting ready to mate the two pieces together, and lo and behold, the No 1 has 1" thread shank...and it seems that this gives some folks the blues when talking about that massive Weatherby being chambered thru it. Does anyone here have any input for me ?
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    Dec 23, 2009
    You have all the right intentions........
    Id send a PM to Kirby (a.k.a. Fiftydriver, inventer of the Allen Mag, & Allen Extreme Mag). Kirby may be very difficult to get ahold of due to the incredibly high demand for his customs, but he does get back to people sooner or later. You may have better chance of a timely response with Long Time Long Ranger who's a Weatherby guru and has probably shot more 338's in different configurations than anyone except maybe Kirby.
    You could post this question in the gunsmithing section too, wich may help alot.

    Another option is the 338 Edge, and Shawn Carlok, its inventor/promoter is also a member here. If you didnt want a belted case that would be a cool option for an L/R rig, and many members here have gone that route, and are very pleased. Shawn could probably answer your question regarding the use of the Number1 as a platform for a high powered 338.
    The only concern Id have with the number 1 would be ectracting "hot loaded" brass. Ive stuck a bolt or two playing with loads, and I dont know how a number 1 would act reguarding extraction. Its one incredibly tough and inherently accurate action tho. Just thinkin outloud....gun)

    Glad you found L/R/H. Theres a ton of polite people and loads of usefull info here.
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    Oct 26, 2006
    Make sure you get a smith that has experience in building accurate #1's. There are a few key points like the forearm hanger, different bedding points and trigger/locktime issues that will help accuracy in the end. I will send you a PM with a couple names.