Ruger 204 Accuracy

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    Aug 26, 2010
    With all the hype, I just purchased one of the new Thompson Arms Icons. I did alot of reading they seemed to offer the best accuracy out of the box. I topped it with a 6-24 Bushnell 4200 and took it out today. Though I will reload for the caliber, I shot factory Hornady 40 gr V Max ammo. With paying close attention to keep a cool barrel. I shot 5 5-round groups after a few shots to get it sighted in. Shooting off of my bench and well supported at 100 yds, 4 of 5 shots in each group touched with one flier off 2-3 inches to the right in each group. Anybody got a reason for this? There was no wind. With a 1/12 barrel twist I though the rifle could handle 40gr. Any advise would be appreciated. As have read a few things saying that ballistic tip bullets are not very accurate in 204. Maybe the speed?