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Road trip build

Eat Rice

Well-Known Member
Dec 7, 2015
Hey guys will be taking a road trip soon. Picking up a new to me big truck iowa and then driving to get my new trailer in nebraska and heading south after back to louisiana. Anybody got any parts i can pick up along my way? Farley, IA -> david city, nb -> cheneyville, la…..looking for any and all build materials along the way gonna be my road trip buld gun
lemme know what you got see if it peaks my interest…..no plans specifically and if i dont find anything well nbd either
Well, I've got a decent pile of stuff but I'm not really into guessing games. Maybe come up with your top 3 ideas and will see if we can help out. I'm in fort worth and there are several other members here as well.
Been thinking about a lightweight chassis build…something 6mm, .25 Short action standard bolt face
Or 25-06ai or .270ai-
So long action stocks, short action chassis, shorty 6mm or .25 barrels
Great idea !
I did a LRH parts only build awhile back . I came up with good stuff from members here . Built a 300 ultra mag ! It turned out perfect for my 1 mile milk jug Challenge!
Did some load work with bullets I found also !
Ended up Smacking a Milk jug at the mile with 230 bergers @ 3036 with a good dose of Nv-570 !

The guys on here were very helpful !
Good Luck in you quest !
Keep us posted !

Rum Man