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  • Hi Mark,
    I only need the 6.5 and the .22. Frank and I have done a good bit of business over the last 5 yrs. or so but he hasn't responded lately to pm's. We communicated about it back in late May or early June. Then I went to Africa, but since I returned in early July I haven't heard back. I'm not sure he still even has them.
    Hate To Bother you. But,Seen You Had a Deal With Southerundertaker That Went South. He Posted A Take It On Rifle I Had Listed Week Ago And He Seems To Have Vanished. I've Left Him Few Message But Has Not Replyed. Is This The Same As Your Deal. Thanks William
    What are you running through your 204 WOA upper?

    I have a WOA upper in 204 and working on finding the right combinatin for this upper/barrel.

    Mark is a great guy to deal with! I bought some dies from him and got them extremely fast. Deal with confidence!

    Thanks again, Eric
    Mark I think I deleted the last message you sent. I tried to look at it on my phone and when I got on line I could not find it. Del
    Mark. Do you have anything other than the leupold vx1 to trade for the burris E1. I can add cash coming your way. Thanks. Del
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