RMEF in the game!


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Jan 28, 2011
Spokane, WA
I was pleasantly surprised to read RMEF is offering at least $50,000 to Montana for wolf control, and is talking about all predators, and their effects on elk populations. As one that's been critical of their lack of position on the issue, I'm very glad to see them making this move.
RMEF lost me years ago when they changed thier slogan to omit hunting. I know they changed it back because membership fell. Pathetic attmept to boost sales by catering to the anti hunting crowd.
Agreed! The RMEF has had some real poor upper management decisions and that includes recent ones where they were willing to finally speak out against the disaster that this wolf introduction has been but weren't willing to spend any money to fight it all while promoting to everyone that they had taken on the fight. Very disappointing.

From what I can see they are getting their act together and getting their priorities set back toward the true wildlife lovers and protectors, the hunters.

Scot E.
For many years I attended the RMEF Banquet and bought a corp.table for my employees.I joined the RMEF when their office was in Troy MT. and Munson came out to shake my hand and give me my card.Then all of their articles became about unsuccessful hunts and the pure joy of communing with nature.Their next great move was their stance on the Wolf.My next move was to quit sending them my money!
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