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  1. bigsal5353

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    Mar 4, 2004
    Leupold customer service says I should get super high rings, but .79'' seems to high, can anyone with the same set up help?

    Remington 700p long action

    Leupold mark 4 LRT 6x20x50

    leupold mark 4 1 piece base

    WHICH leupold mark 4 ring??? high or do I need the super high?
  2. MudRunner2005

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    Oct 13, 2008
    Go with Med or High. Super-High would look goofy.
  3. LouBoyd

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    Oct 15, 2007
    Whether it looks goofy is not the criteria. when YOUR face held comfortably against the stock aligns the scope comfortably in front of your eye with correct eye relief, only then you have the correct scope height. It's too low only if the scope touches rifle other than with the rings when it's fired. It's only too high if you have to break your "cheek weld" to center your eye behind the scope.

    If you can't match the to your face with available rings you can adjust the height of the comb (top surface) of the stock). Many competition and snipping shooters use adjustable stocks, though they usually add weigth and aren't popular for hunting. The height of scope above the barrel however is just as person as the length of pull of the stock. Anyone who tells you what's correct on the Internet is guessing . They might know what's most common, but it may not be right for you.

    Once you do pick the height of the scope over the bore be sure to measure it accurately (center line to center line) and use that value for ballistic calculations. The number is an entry in all ballistics programs. Getting it righ matters.
  4. dondlhmn

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    May 24, 2013
    Just measure it all to get it right. Leupold give measurements for their rings and the measurements are from the TOP of the bases to the center line of the scope and this is true for both one inch and 30mm scopes/rings. Measure the scope at the fattest point to find the diameter and then divide that in half to find the radius. Now that you have the radius, add the amount of scope to barrel clearance that rows your boat to see how much distance you need from the centerline of the scope to the barrel. Extend the centerline out to where the largest part of the scope is and figure out what ring height you need to get the center line of the scope high enough to give you the clearance you want.

    One consideration is what position you shoot in...prone, standing, kneeling or sitting....that will dictate what kind of an angle your head is at with a cheek weld that feels right to you and that will put your eye...MAYBE in the right place.....If not, use or install and then use a stock with an adjustable cheek piece to get your eye lined up in the center of the scope. If there is sufficient clearance...scope to barrel.....you may be able to go with a lower ring to get your eye in the right spot. Or, possibly, you may need a higher ring to get the scope up to where your eye position allows correct alignment with the scope.

    There are only TWO things that are factors in choosing ring Height: (1) Scope to barrel clearance; and (2) The position of your eye being correct for the scope setup. If you can NOT attain the correct alignment reasonably comfortably, you will likely not do well with that rifle/scope combination.

    DO NOT listen to anyone that starts out telling you what looks goofy or not and bases his/her recommendations on that criteria...Anyone that is more worried about that is NOT worth listening to as RESULTS are what count! I used to shoot a handgun with the scope cranked WAY over and won MANY matches at the state and national levels with it in spite of many people calling it goofy. I set national records with that setup and one of them, set in like 1988 still stands. The people that called my set up goofy changed their minds and used the same "goofy" setup the next season.

    If you really worry about what is pretty or goofy or what, just don't wear your pink panties to the range.
  5. Krumfola

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    Dec 23, 2012
    If you Google "Midway scope ring height" you can find a link that will tell you the correct height based on the outside diameter of the objective bell.
  6. newmexkid

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    Apr 11, 2011
    That's what I used. Worked perfectly.