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May 1, 2002
I am trying to build a WEB page on Rimfires & Rimfire Huntig,,I would like to invit you all to send me anything in the way of RIMFIRE help you would like for me to add to my page..When I am finished I will post the URL for allto visit..Anything you send me,,credit willbe given to you,,I just want an informational page for hunters to read on RIMFIRES & RIMFIRE hunting,,Larry
Welcome to Long Range Hunting.

Thanks for the info and offer, I'm sure folks will be stopping over and perhaps contributing source info. I personally seldom shoot rimfire except for clandestine depredation and urban varminting. (Tree rat hunting excluded, I do enjoy shooting squirrels with the .22.)
Thanks Dave,,I appreciate the Welcome..I do shoot an excessive amount,,I hunt full time..I enjoy the 22 rimfires and like you said they are fun to shot at the smaller rat like varmints,,This is a very nice message board,,Thanks for your reply,,Larry
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