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    Where to start. Rebuilding/re-barreling/customizing/semi-custom

    Starting with the stock on a rifle since this was something I experience a few years back. If you like a particular stock on a factory rifle should a gunsmith get caught up in trying to get you to buy a higher priced stock, if the original one is adequate and will do the job? For instance, I think the savage accu stock with its bedding system works pretty well in my limited opinion on standard or some of the standard magnum calibers (example 7mm Rem and 300 win). Mine has served me well on my rifle (non-magnum). It fits pretty well and I’ve been able to use the gun out to 1000+ yards for target shooting. I can’t think of a time I said darn only if I had a McMillian I could reduce my groups down by that last .25 of an inch. I think the stocks on the Remington Sendero’s are pretty nice and the bedding system serves their purpose as well (300 RUM). So, if a client wanted to take a Savage or Remington have the action trued/blueprinted and the barrel replaced with the same factory contour so it would fit the original stock should a smith buck over, not wanting the stock replaced or not treat the work with the same level of detail or have an overall feel of discussed. Personally, I think if there is a good reason with adequate evidence to go with another stock of one of the higher makes then there needs to be a discussion between the smith and the customer. I think the customer still would need to do some research on there on before committing also. I’m just trying to see how this might be handled or get a feel for what some of the gun smith think but any one please reply. The look, brand name, and hype of a custom stock may add value to the build but I am looking at it from a functionality or accuracy standpoint. I know some of the aftermarket stock offer a lot of different options to help customize how they feel/fit to the end user but if factory works it works. I’m also looking at this from a pure hunting standpoint. I guess I like my hunting rifle to shoot close to like a bench rifle but for as looks I’m happy with the factory look.
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    I have a Tikka T3 varmint in 22-250 that shoots incredible with the original "plastic" stock. Many times in the past I would think how much better it woukd shoot in a McMillan. But I quickly remind myself how well it works just how it is.

    If the stock you have works and you like it don't change.