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  1. jon12

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    Jan 24, 2004
    I was originally planning on having the action on my model 700 30-06 bdl trued and rebarreled with a stainless match barrel, buying a takeoff hs precision stock from a sendero and having it glass bedded and free floated. I am, though finding it hard to find one of these stocks. Now im thinking more of just selling one of my rifles and buying a used rem varmint synthetic, rem sendero, or PSS and haveing that action trued, rebarrelled, and then just glass bed and free float in the hs stock it came in. I would also put the factory trigger back in my 700 bdl 30-06 and put the shilen in it right now in the "new" rifle.

    I have a couple questions about doing this. How much do yall think i should expect to get a used remington VS, VSSF, PSS, Sendero, or Sendero SF for? The action and stock would have to be in good shape but the round count isnt that important to me as long as it was taken care of since i would be getting rid of the barrel anyway.

    How easy will one of these models be to find for a decent price? If it was a sendero it would have to be a standard bolt face like 25-06 or 270(I either want to get a long action with standard, not magnum, bolt face and chamber it for 280 ackley improved or one of the short action ones and open the bolt face and chamber it for 7 WSM or 7 RSAUM). How would i go about finding one?

    Is there anything off the sendero/pss/varmint i could sell to help offset cost like barrel or trigger? All i would need is the action and stock(and bottom metal). If so, how much could i get for these takeoff parts?

    The gun i would sell to put toward the used rem would be my rem model 7 in .243. It is in great shape with relatively low round count. It has been taken care of and looks pretty much perfect. It has the wood stock, gloss blue barreled action with the short little barrel, factory trigger adjusted by a gunsmith, and a 3-9x40 VXII in Leupold Mounts. How much could i expect to get for this one, with and without the scope?
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    Jul 29, 2003
    I have a Sendero RH long action take off stock I can sell you if you are interested. Email me if you like [email protected].
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    Apr 17, 2003
    I know there was a .300WM Sendero S/F for sale awhile ago. 100 rounds down the tube, excellent shape. Email me for more info. It's not mine. Great price.

    You could buy this rifle, and start shooting NOW!!..sakofan..

    [email protected]