Rifle Build question


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Nov 28, 2012
Hudson, wi
I am debating to sell my Cooper Model 22 Montana Varminter in .243ai. Or build off another action from ground up. The Cooper is very very accurate hard to spin the barrel off because it shoots so well. But I am sticking to trying slim down the caliber so own. Staying with 6.5's mainly. I also own some 7's if I want to go bigger.

This what is I am thinking to build
6.5-284 already have a Cooper Excalibur in this and was thinking of another rifle with a heavier barrel. Would I be better off with this?
McMillan stock
Jewel Trigger
Defiance Action
Either way I am going with Krieger or Barlien Barrel.

Or just spinning on new barrel to the Cooper. Trigger is good on it. Stock is ok. Wished I could find a better aftermarket stock in something else but wood. I love would stocks. But for shooting and hunting rather have McMillan, Manners or HS Precision... No one inlets them though. So limited in stock options.

What would you do if it was your gun. Is it worth it to build from a Cooper Action vs Defience. Or is there going to be a marginal difference. I know mostly depends on a quality smith as to how it will turn out.


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Jun 16, 2014
S.E. Washington
Can't say if it's "worth it", you and only you can answer that.
I think you are bloody mad to sell an accurate rifle, just because you only want to buy one caliber bullet....