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Mar 24, 2008
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For the purpose of hold-overs, wind holds and judging antler spread/body size in combination with a laser rangefinder. What do you find the easiest to use in the hunting field, moa or a mil based reticle.
Leupold Boone & Crocket works well for me. Just play your ballistics and field check it . My 25 x 284 i actually gain around 40 yards on each hash.
I got a burris 3x9x40 with there ballistic plex. Nice scope realy like it. But with ageing eyes I have a hard time seeing the small ones 200 thought 500 with out my readers on. It is on a .06. I just picked up this cheep bushnell banner with there circle X has no range compensating but I needed a scope fast for the new 7mm rem mag I got 3 days before deer opener. (gota like that) Having that circel with a fine cross hair is realy nice and fast handling. Its realy got me thinking about that new nikon coyote special
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I am using the NP-R2 reticle in my nightforce scopes. really like this reticle as there is less 'clutter' than my previous mil-dot reticles or the NP-R1. I also use a Leupold MK4 with the MLR reticle. I find it ok but really prefer the NP-R2 of the NF.
I just got a NF- NPR-1 in a 5.5x 22 and love it. I cant understand why everyone thinks it is that busy. Cant wait to see the new balistic reticle there coming out with.
Currently run a Nikko Sterling 6~24x44 with a LRX reticle & a Leupold 8.5~24x50 with the Varmint Hunter reticle. I do not find either particularly cluttered.

I was using the Nikko Sterling on my Savage 16FSS 223 Rem for F Class & had to use the holdover to get me to 700 yards [ran out of elevation adjustment]. Actually was one of my better shoots...maybe because I had to concentrate harder:)
MOA seems easier to me. Fan of the NPR1 reticle. MIL works just fine if you work to understand that too-- 1yd at 1000yds, 1m at 1000 meters, 3.6" at 100yd. Just seems to me that 1" essentially = 1MOA at 100yds and 10" = 1 MOA at 1000yds, 12" = 1 MOA at 1200yds seems quicker and easier to compute. Carlock uses MOA for that reason, I believe. Check out his longrange hunting video (if you haven't already) at jon
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