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Alfred Crouch

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Nov 14, 2008
Rock Hill, SC
Scope decision is tough. . . . Want one for a Rem Mod 7 in 7mm SAUM. Will use it for WT deer, coyote and targets. Located in SE of USA. Ranges will run up to probably 650 yards with mostly less than that. I have looked at 4.5 x 14 x 44 Conquest and (a more expensive) 4.5 x 14 x 50 Mark IV. The Mark IV tube is 30mm (bulky), it can be had with a nice illuminated TMR reticle and it has the nice but bulky target knobs. I like the smaller 1" tube on the conquest. I don't know anything about the reticle choices on the conquest except what I have read. Should I consider the Z-Plex with taget knobs or, the Rapid Z600 or the Rapid Z800 reticles. As I read the Zeiss data the conquest does not have an illuminated reticle option. I would like to hear from those who have experience with these features as to your feeling on the pros and cons of them. Thanks for any and all input.

I have 3 Conquests and one more on the way, all have the Z plex reticle. I have looked and shot with a few scopes that had ill. reticles and never have I felt that I needed or wanted a lighted reticle in the Zeiss scopes. Seeing the reticle has never been a problem even when hunting coyotes in very very low light situations.

As for the Rapid Z, thats a personal thing I guess. I've looked thru or shot with IORs, Nikons, Burris, and a couple of el cheapo brands that had BDC type reticles and have come to the conclusion that I'm a simple guy...or simpleton cuz I just don't care for all them lines, dots, dashes, or circles in my feild of view.:D

But hey thats just me..

Thanks for your response. That is the kind of experiences I wanted. Gives me some other view points to evaluate. I think I have to agree about the illumination. I was curious as to how others felt about it though.
I have the Rapid-Z600 in a 3X9 that I like. Zero your rifle at 200 yards adjust the power per the calculator on their web-site for your caliber, bullet weight, temp., elevation above sea level, etc. My rifle was right on using this scope and program. The reticle is etched and augments the excellent glass in low light conditions. I highly recommend any Ziess regardless the reticle to get great performance.
I say, learn to use your elv knobs & keep it simple with the #20 Z-plex. The same sight point has its atvantages:) when hunting whitetails. I have 2 with the #20 reticle, and have no need for all the other perks when hunting deer. If you can master something simple , it will always work for you when it comes to rifle scopes.:cool: Bill Maylor..
dls56, Is your Zeiss a conquest? Thanks. Al
Yes here it is: Welcome to Carl Zeiss Optical, Inc. mine is a 3X9X40 MC.
I agree about keeping it simple when deer hunting. What is quicker though, dialing up an elevation knob or using a hold over hash mark that you have practiced with. There is more than one way to skin the proverbial cat (or deer). Find what works for you and practice, practice, and shoot some more.
I took 12 deer this year including a 215# 10 point on opening day. I used 4 different rifles: 6mm Remington 700 w/ Leupold FXII 4X33, .270Win Weatherby Vanguard w/ Ziess 3X9X40 RZ600, .308 T/C Icon w/ Leupold 4X12 LR reticle, 300WM Winchester M70 w/ Nitrex 3X9 BDC reticle. I recovered all my deer. Shots ranged from 75 yards to 240 yards but I've practiced out to and am comfortable taking shots out to 400 yards with a solid position. I have the luxury of being able to shoot 3-4 times a week year round.
I have a Conquest 4.5-14x44 Rapid Z800 on a 338RUM and it is great for hunting. For paper punching, I find the reticle is a little heavy for precision work. The z-plex is better for target or varmints.
I agree with Winmagman.

Mine is another vote for the Rapid Z reticle for hunting within 600yds. My opinion is that nothing is simpler in a hunting situation. I have the 3.5-10 Conquest with Z 600 on my 300 Wby magnum and love it.

I also have a 6.5-20 Conquest with mil dot reticle on my long range gun - 7mm Wby. Its new and have only used it on targets so far. But its super clear and I figure on most shots I'll have the luxury of twirling knobs.
Add me to the list of thumbs up. I just got a 3.5x10 50mm for my 300wsm. It has the rapid z 600. I like it alot. The calculator that the zeis recommends you use with the rapid z is easy and right on.
My opinion Zeiss glass is hard to beat.
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