Remington R-25 .243 or 7mm 08


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Aug 30, 2005
Murray, Ky.
I'm thinking about buying one but I don't know if I'd like it or not.

If anyone here owns one or knows someone with one I would really like to here some things about it.

Thanks guys,
Try a jasonprox700. He's helped me out before on AR style info.(Bear hunting thread ''R-25 308 for bear?'') Seems very knowledgable and very polite. Owns a few and knows R-15 VS R-25 (aka Bushmaster vs DPMS.) Knows who is a reputable smith etc.
If you get one post your thoughts on it as Im still ''wishing in one hand...'' and waiting for my pocket book to catch up with my wish list.:D
Thanks for the info winmag I appreciate it.

I'll try a pm maybe I'll get some good news on it I'm really wanting one.

Thanks again,
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