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Dec 17, 2003
here's the ? any & all extra related info appreciated.
I am looking at getting my first bolt gun for hunting whitetail out past 400 yds on narrow east Tx piplines, so no time to do range finding or adj scope. I am looking at the magnum rounds (which one all of them). Will be staying with the 150 gr bullet range to minimize drop out at 300yd if appropriate.

1) I'd like a shorter overall length rifle for quickness, but don't want to go too short bbl and lose velocity. That kind of defeats the purpose of the new gun in the first place right?
Let me get this straight...

You want to buy a "magnum" rifle to take deer out past 400 yards, yet you want to stay with bullets lighter than 150 grains, AND you don't have time to adjust the 'scope?

Have you thought about bowling?
From a rifle standpoint, what you are asking to do can easily be accomplished with the 270Win and 150gr Ballistic tips, SST, or MK.

The problem is your lack of time to get properly set up, load test and practise. Buying a rifle with the accuracy does not mean that you will be able to shoot that well.

All of the production rifles you mentioned, have the potential to work. Just need time to work out a load and tune the rifle, scope, range finder, and drop table.

If you are not completely sure of what is going to happen when you pull the trigger, please stay within much shorter ranges for guaranteed hits. Long Range shooting is not about spray and pray...

it really doesnt take that long to click a rangefinder and pick the appropriate mil-dot,or turn knobs for that matter-this providing u know the corrections u have to make from practice.i am also in full agreement with other posts,my-2-dave
Learn to use a mil-dot scope. When you get good at it you can range and than use a holdover quite quickly. Need to practice alot and know your stuff. I am just getting into the mil-dot stuff and it works great. A mildot master comes in handy too.
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