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Dec 5, 2009
Auburn, Ky
I have found a "remington 700 vs sendero special" 300 win mag rifle and have a couple questions before I purchase. The guy has the box and it reads..( VS Sendero Special) it has HS Prec stock and matte finish non fluted.

1. I cannot find any info on the net about this rifle (vs sendero special)?
2. Is this a sendero rifle?
3. What does (special) mean?

Reminton has what they call Special Runs and it sounds like at some point they may have had a Sendaro Special run and it may have been at the request of someone. In any event here's the'll see Special Runs...take a read, see what ya think. Chas

Remington Special Run Firearms
I remember Cabelas was offering some different Remingtons on their website. Might be one of theirs.
A buddy of mine has one of the old sendero's. He bought his used from a guy in Alaska. It has the HS stock and a heavy (non-fluted) matte finish barrel. It sounds like the same thing your talking about. But, his is in 25-06 not 300 Win. Fine shooting rifle. I just wish it had a better trigger.
Yes it's just an older model of the Sendero. I had one in .300 Win Mag, that was matte blued. Good shooter.
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