Remington 700 SPR .270 WSM


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Sep 21, 2003
East Tennessee
Has anyone seen one of these. It is a matte finish BDL in synthetic stock. My dealer got one in today and sold it about 5 min. before I got there. What are your opinions on this rifle for long range. I realize the stock needs to be replaced, but are Remington's factory barrels decent in a round such as the short mag? Is the .270 WSM a good round for long range?

I like the Remington action and most of my rifles are Remington, but I'm looking very hard at a dedicated long range rifle and I like the Short Mag concept. I've been leaning toward the .300WSM, but this SPR wholesales for $399 and that seems like a great price to get started. It is a short action though and I've heard complaints about seating depth in the short actions.

Anyway, your input is greatly appreciated.

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I may be wrong but Remington does not make any guns chambered for WSM calibers. Those are Winchesters.

Remington has their own line of short mags, the Short Action Ultra Mag, or SAUM.


That's what I said. Then he showed me the rifle. It is called a Special Purpose Rifle, kind of like their Special Purpose shotguns. Blacl synthetic and matte finish. I think this is the only rifle offered in a WSM caliber.


Thanks for the heads up on

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Check out For some more info

I own a Super shadow in 270 WSM Nice shooter now that i floated the barrel the stock is a ***. Get a A-5 the first of the year and a new tube with a brake
Ok, complaints on Magnum caliber short action Remington 700 actions: The maganizine box is too short!

They are mainly single shots. If you reload and like to seat your bullets long and close to the lands, you will get at most one round in the magazine.

If you are interested in anyhing in SAUM/WSM, 6.5/284, etc, have one built on a REM700 long action.

I hear they are ok for .308/.243, not sure though. I know they are fine for the 22-250.

I shot 7 matches at the 1000yd Pa. bench rest club with a Winchester Coyote cambered in 270 WSM. using SMK 135 Grain Bullets winchester and Norma brass. The best 10 shot group I got was 20 inches. The largest group was 38 inches
All I can say,is with my gun. I wouldn't go out past 700 to 800 yrds with it. I hope this helps.

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I had a Rem. Sendero in 270 cal. I used the 135 smk's and H-4831 it shot great. I won four relays with it at Quantico, @ 1000 yds.

270 WSM, might shoot very nice. I know Savage is offering one with a heavy barrel.

It's just a Savage is like a "Dodge" know the rest hehe.

Good luck, Vern
Thanks for the input. I getting geared up for Deer season now and will have some time to think about while in the woods looking for the big 10pt we've been seeing.

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Just for point of reference i.e. 270 WSM VS the good old 270 Win. I was loading up for forth coming hunting season last night. I found in Hodgdon's 25th edition (pre WSMs)
.270Win load of 58.0 gr H4831 & 150 gr bullet yeilding 3015 fps (yippee). I also browzed through Hodgdon's 2003 reloading manual and (for some strange reason) found
they now list .270 max at 55.7gr H4831 and 150 gr. wt bullet at conservative ~2800 fps.
AND here the kicker, The "New and improved 270 WSM is now listed showing 60.0 gr H4831
max. with same 150 gr wt. bullets and turning in only ~2940 fps. (manuals are eleswhere now) So it appears I can stay with my good Mod.70 in .270 Win. An genuine imatation Jack O'Conner combo and if loaded using manual from few years back beat the new wippersnapper
All the Hype seems to be doing is selling new gear to new hunters.

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Rolltide, I picked up a 700SPR a few weeks ago. Rifle set me back $450.00. Gameplan is to use it as a light rifle for hunting muledeer in CO. First thing I did was to changed the trigger spring to a Holland, left the overtravel and sear engagement screws alone as they were set perfectly. Trigger is set at a nice crisp 3lbs without any take-up or creap. I also removed the barrel pressure point from the stock and made sure the barrel is completely free floated. As far as the magazine length, cartridge max length of 2.870" will fit. I've tried 130g & 140g Balistic Tips, 140g Accubonds, and 150g Partitions,140g Sierra's, which will all kiss the lands and still function in the magazine. A quick and dirty hunting load I worked up with Accubonds gives me 3200FPS using RL22 and Rem brass. Six consecutive shots into 1/2" at 100 yards isn't too shabby either. Only complaint is that the magazine won't hold three rounds in it, which will be cured with an aftermarket stock


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Just back from Whitetail hunting with above 270 Win. in Pa. Friends and I are none res but have been donating to Pa. Game commission for 30 yrs. Opertunity came to test 270 Win./58gr H4831 SC / 150gr Nosler Partition on ~100 lb antlerless deer. Shot was 100yds range, slightly quartering away. Placed one round high in lungs, it passed thru both and there was no bullet to recover. The deer attempted 8-10 bounds and spray painted the snow at each, pretty good.
Opening day (Dec 1st) there was ~1 foot of
new and arriving snow in NW Pa. The Pa. Game Commisson has recently altered game laws. The hunting region the Club we belong to is in, has rules for min. 4 points or better PER SIDE.
Therefore we, as many hunters were encouraged to do, applied for and received anterless liciences along with Buck tags. In fact I was presented with a 4 point (2X2) buck and had to say Shoo. Then along came a buck and doe combo. The Buck had a fairly good rack. An I busied myself with 7x Binoculars checking points the Doe slips away. Mr Buck was easy 6 points (3X3) but as the pair moved past for the life of me I could not detect a forth point
O.S. the brow tine has to be over an inch to make legal too. Because of the rules that lucky Buck got a pass on life, Oh well. The 4th deer by my location was the large bauldy and was therefore punished with extream predidious forthwith, one shot , two holes, one kill
Anyway the point of this follow up on .277 bullets is that if one has a .270 Win (oldster) or newer .270 WSM they should seriously consider Primium Nosler Partition
and mid to heavier wt bullets. No doubt the 130 gr. bullets would do but at short range
there may be only one entry hole (and a mess). The deer could not have been any deader and when compared at meat processor
to many other deer the yield in meals for my deer would easily exceed what we witnessed there. Oh and may I dare say seemed a lot of those hunters could benefit from a little shooting practice in any caliber rjb

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