Remington 700 Feeding Issues


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Aug 9, 2011
The Remington 700 Sendero (300RUM) that I am running is having feeding issues. It has been doing this since day one. I thought maybe the spring in the mag just needed broken in but its been 1 year and its still having the same issue.

First shell (positioned to the left side of the magazine)

Feeds perfect - as do all that are positioned on the left

Second shell (positioned on the right side of the magazine)

Second shell and the bolt face in relation (prior to pushing the bolt forward)

As the bolt is pushed forward on the second shell

The back of the shell gets pushed down and the front of the shell kicks up - causing the shell to jam.

This only happens to shells that are aligned on the "right side" of the mag.
Regular factory bottom metal is being used.
OAL of this shell is 3.585

Any advice or knowledge on this issue??

I don't know if this will help your issue, but I polish the underside (where the shells contact) feed lips on all my 700's. I take the action out of the stock, and then smooth out the roughness on the underside edge. On some 700's this can be pretty sharp from the factory and will actually put a scrape in the shell as it feeds. I'm not trying to remove a lot of metal, just polish the sharp edges. I will use 600 grit paper, and then "shine" it up with a dremel with a felt wheel and some JB compound. This has improved the feeding on all my 700s.
Th only other thing I would check is how the internal box sits, relative to the feed ramp. I like them to sit against the feed ramp and not have any sharp edges, or stick out too much, so I will also polish this part if needed.
its a pretty simple fix actually. The lits of the magazine box are meant to be able to be adjusted and manipulated. bend the lips a little until it feeds good. another otion is wyatts makes extended centerfeed magazine boxes which have a flat follower. i have one in my 338 lapua and it made it feed just fine.
Tikkamike;697497another otion is wyatts makes extended centerfeed magazine boxes which have a flat follower. i have one in my 338 lapua and it made it feed just fine.[/QUOTE said:
Does a new bottom metal have to be purchased in order to run one of these mags?
No but gunsmithing is required for the new box to fit cause it allows for.longer shells. But its cheap. Like $25 and you could try just using the follower. That you can do.yourself
Well, I still can't get the gun to feed right.


  • Polished the under side of the "feed lips"
  • Tired different mag springs
  • Tried bultiple mag followers
  • Checked the internal mag box in relation to the feed ramp
None of those worked - so i contacted Remington customer support and described the issue. They said the magazine follower was "out of spec" for their standards and shipped me a new one. This also did not work. When contacted again, they said to ship it back to them and they would look at it - if it was under warranty they would fix it, if not they would let me know how much it was going to cost and send me the bill. I'm sure they also want me to pay shipping both ways.

Very frustrating to pay that kind of money for a product, have it not function properly - plus the extra time and money spent trying to resolve the issue.

Never had a bad experience with Remington until now

Anyone else had similar experiences?
I've polished the under side of them but I'm afraid to take too much off of them or cut into them too much (I'm sure I've already voided any warranty Remy had by doing so).
Tikka - I think I might calling feed lips something different than you are talking--- got a reference pic you can put up?
I just returned from the shop fixing the same issue on a rifle I'm changing over form 7 mag to 338 RUM, DO NOT bend your rails, that's fine for center feed but you'll screw up your action on a stagger feed. Your follower is to wussy on the front so it collapses, take your spring and open it up bending it so it puts more pressure on the front of the follower. Give that a try, just went from your issue to three round burst minutes ago!
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