Remington 40x questions

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  1. Dogmann

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    Jul 15, 2013
    Im looking at buying a used Remington 40xb from a gentleman who says its all original. It's a 7.62 NATO marked stainless bull barrel. No other markings. The action is marked Remington 40x. My question- were the 40x's from Remington custom shop- barrels marked Remington?
  2. .30US

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    Jul 24, 2009
    Both of my early-'70s vintage 40X rifles are marked on the barrel, right in front of the left side of the receiver, "7.62 NATO," with an emblem that looks like an inverted "V" with three points across the top, aka, the heart. On one, it is before the 7.62 marking, on the other, it is after. On the opposite side of the barrel is a three letter code for the date of manufacture. If the rifle is an original .308, the top of the receiver will be clip-slotted. From what I have read, this was only ever done on the .308 repeaters. The barrels on mine are not marked above the stock line with anything else.