Remington 03A3 Action?


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Jan 7, 2003
Swartz creek Mi
About 5 years ago I got my hands on a Remington 03A3 action its tight and its square I did a bunch of measuring on our Bridgport, the Bolt face is perfict! the face of the action is off less than .0001 and I have most of the parts in my room I was ninus a trigger so I bought a Timney and I have 4 Douglas Barrels in .3006 that were cut for the Springfield.I would like to build a .270 on a Springfield action. I know this is one of the 3 Kings(.300mag.06,270) what do you know about this calibre?
My friends all say goforit! if you use this calibre I would like you to sound off! PLEASE!
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