Rem 700 North American Custom rifles


Dec 21, 2009
Howdy all. I'm trying to figure out the best way to get into a highly accurate (.5 moa) capable rifle. I'd like to get a custom rifle, but that could be a long, slow, process. So, now I'm thinking of using a baseline factory rifle, and, if necessary, tweaking it a good bit.

Toward that end, it looks like the Remington Custom Shop puts out a high-grade 700. Does anyone know anything about the quality of these rifles? They list for about triple what a Sendero goes for, though they can be had much cheaper than that.

Thanks for the help,

1/2 moa at what distance? Lots of folks here like the Sendaro and report pretty decent accuracy from them. Can't speak to the Remy custom shop but, I'm sure others here can. Also what caliber did you have in mind? Will you be shooting paper or game(what type) or both?
I'd like the no wind capability of 1/2 moa for the rifle at any range, without counting uncontrollable divergences, such as bullet imbalance, etc. Even my 45 year old sportorized '03A3 can still shoot a minute, even if I can't always, so I'm thinking it shouldn't be too tough to get the 1/2 minute with a modern weapon.

I'm leaning toward 7mm, and one of the magnums...maybe the RUM, maybe the STW, or, even better, a 7mm AM. But, again, the custom work seems tough to arrange, so I may just get something not quite as fancy, but still, able to shoot better than I can.

I want long range capability; 1000 yards, but also something good for the wiley whitetail. Probably will get into long range targets, as well....not to be world-class, just to enjoy the process of getting better at it.

Find someone on here selling a 700 in the caliber you want and talk with him and find out why he is selling it and how many rounds thru it and how it shot.
Then after you got it ( hopefully cheaper than new ) and shoot it. If it shoots good then you saved some $$$ to get it rebarreled at a later date.
I have seen quite a few senderos for sale on here lately.
Just my 2 cents.

I like Remingtons but I wouldn't but one of their custom shop guns, I would build one with the components you want and use a gunsmith from this site, that's what I am doing.
The 7mm mag or 7mm ultra mag in a Sendaro will take you where you want to go. Let us know what you decide.
You can have a fully custom rifle built with excellent components (barrel, stock, action, trigger, recoil pad, magazine, scope bases and a good rail and all) for triple the cost of a sendero. That, to me, would be a much better way to go than a custom Rem out of there shop.
+1 on not going w/Remys custom shop...don't forget the price for remy custom rifle alone doesn't include scope, rings, base or muzzlebrake and so once you add those in the price difference isn't that different than a true custom build.
Thanks for your comments. I am talking to Kirby Allen about doing a custom rifle. I'm not sure what kind of cost I'm looking at yet, but do like the rifles he's produced in the past.

I'm not sure whether to stay with a 7mm AM, or something in .338. For my purposes, the 7mm ought to be able to cover any eventuality. The .338 might have a little too much juice for my needs. The .338 Edge seems pretty sweet, though.


the 7mm AM is certainly up to the task of 1000 yards...paper, elk or deer and you won't be disappointed, Kirby builds an excellent rig. There's a few folks here that own them and are quite satisfied.
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