Rem 700 drop mag to BDL change

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by specweldtom, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Jun 7, 2004
    I may be the only one on the site that prefers the BDL bottom metal over the drop mag setup. If you're interested, it can be done.

    The reason I wanted to do it was I didn't want to cut the mag release notches in a very nice CDL stock (from Stocky's) that I put on to replace the tupperware stock. Remington opens the frame rails wider on the drop mag receivers, and a BDL box and follower won't work with them, but the BDL floor metal does.

    Emailed Remington. They don't have a conversion kit, and don't intend to make one. Wyatt's makes a centerfeed box and follower, but I believe they are for the BDL configuration, not the drop mag. They are expensive enough that I wasn't inclined to try one.

    You need the extra height of an ADL box, so I started with one. 8 hours later, I had pretty much trashed it, but learned enough to believe it could be done if a basic mistake was avoided. I had cut down the back wall of the box and never recovered from it.

    Started fresh with a second ADL box and ended up about 5 hrs later with a completely flat follower and an ADL box converted to center feed that would hold 3 rounds of .30-06 and feed them flawlessly.

    If anyone wants to do it, let me know on this post or by P/M. I took some pictures, but have never mastered getting them on the board.