Rem 260, Rel 26 & Badlands 125gr bullet


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Mar 6, 2019
W. Montana
Did a bit of testing this morning. Using my Savage 260 Rem ,model 16 stainless, 22" bbl, 1/8 twist. Worked up to a max ( safe in my rifle ) 47.5 grs Rel 26, CCI # 250 mag primer = 3036 fps. Started with two new Rem brand brass. The one three shot group I fired came out between 1/2" & 3/4" at 100yds. Just got too cold to continue ,
260 001.JPG
considering the wind & the low temp , about 30. After firing each of the two cases four times , primer pockets were still very snug. Cases extracted easily , & were neck sized only with a Lee Colet die for the first three firings. Primers were flattened a little . I consider performance like this from a case of this size , & a bullet of this weight to be great. IMHO. Attached is a picture of the Badlands 125gr , right side & Nosler 140gr AB , left side for comparison.
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