Rem.1100 scope mount


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Jan 12, 2008
new jersey
Hello fellow shotguners! Does any one have any experience with a saddle style scope mount such as B Square or something simular? I don't want to perminitly mount such as drill +tap receiver. I wish to stick with standard rifled slugs.Any thoughts? Thanks, Dskiper
While I haven't tried one on an 1100, I did try one on my Ithaca Deerslayer II. It wasn't accurate enough for me. The scope and mount would move on the screws that held it to the reciever, and no amount of tightening would keep it in place due to the recoil. That combined with it not being attached tightly to the barrel made my groups look like patterns. While it wasn't the best solution, I drilled and tapped the reciever for a weaver scope base. Your best bet is to get a barrel with a canteliver scope mount on it. Some of the gun auction sites should have barrels for sale, and they might be cheaper than buying a new one.
My gunsmith installed a picatinny rail onto my 14" barreled Rem 870 I mount any scope I feel like now with Leupold QRW rings.

Here is a picture of it to give you the idea the scope is a Burris EER 1X shotgun reticle...

as it has been alluded to, of all of the saddle mounts i have put on for clients none have worked that great. if the screws are tightened so the mount wont move then it usually binds up the trigger group.
I did the same thing to my Ithaca DeerSlayer, but found out that the POI would move around if I didn't have the magazine cap screwed down really tight. The problem with that type of mount is that the barrel will move around in the reciever, shifting POI. It showed up on my gun when shooting @ 100 Yds. I believe that's why the Mfg.'s went with cantelivered scope mounts, or attaching the barrel to the reciever like a rifle, in specialized slug guns, like the Tar-Hunt DSG.
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