Release agent for glass bedding??


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Feb 16, 2014
Dagmar MT
Good day Lady's and Gentleman.

I have a question on release agents for glass bedding. I am looking for ideas since I do not care for the products I have used in the past. They worked but seem to be a pain to apply but did not release as good as I thought they should.. Lets get a discussion going on what you like and what you do not like. What have you all found that works the best? I know some of this stuff is based on personal experience based on how the product was used.

I have in the past used is the blue gel from Brownells that comes with there kit and kiwi neutral boot polish.

The blue gel that comes in the kit for me has worked better then kiwi boot polish. The thing I do not like about the blue gel is it takes time to coat it evenly and is hard for me to coat evenly. (there might be a trick I am missing) also it never seems to dry even after letting it sit for hours and when I go to put the second coat on it the first coat peals. I put it on as thin as I can.

The kiwi boot polish was a lot easier to apply BUT for me it did not release near as good as the blue gel that came in the kit. I even used it bedding scope bases and had trouble getting it to release of the action. again maybe its me.. LOL

Maybe you all have some pointers? But I would rather stay away from the two products mentioned above. I also cant help but feel theirs better ways to do it. With that said. The kiwi boot polish was very nice to work with. as in put on and clean up after the job was done. I just did not like the way it released.

Products I am looking at trying are.

And also maybe a mold release like this stuff. There are different options on this page.

Thanks for all that post on this subject.



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Apr 13, 2015
west texas
I've used the Kiwi polish with good results. I think the key is lightly polishing each layer before applying the next. Plus degreasing the metal that has contact with the epoxy. Also, I use the powder free nitrile gloves to prevent any contamination.


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Aug 6, 2013
Kiwi Neutral has worked for years, don't want to change. Helped a friend who used the brownells kit and wasn't impressed with the release agent.


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Jul 1, 2013
northwest florida
I use kiwi as well. If I have some really small areas I use the brownell release agent to be sure of right spots. I don’t like to use it because of the tedious clean up but it will run in all the little cracks and crevices you don’t want epoxy to go




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Jan 7, 2015
Southwest Wyoming
I have used kiwi, brownells, and Johnson's paste wax, my favorite is either kiwi or Johnson's paste wax. I use both, I melt it with a lighter and soat a Q-tip in the liquid wax, then apply with the Q-tip, after cleaning and degreasing well. Followed up by light polishing with a microfiber cloth, not enough to remove it of course, but enough to ensure an even coat. In tight areas I polish with a Q-tip. Always worked excellently for me. I also tape the sides, bottom and front (muzzle end) of the recoil lug if possible, for some it's not however, such as howas or Rugers. I find it really helps it to release well and has never caused any issues with accuracy for me.


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Jun 15, 2018
I’ve had good luck with Hornady One Shot Case Lube. It’s an aerosol. I apply it liberally, let dry, and apply at least one additional time.

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