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  • Countin down the days til you get your shootin stick yet? hahaha Its hard to have patience, but its worth it in the end. An M-70 Coyote,for that price,(or any price IMO) is a WORTHWILE investment, and maybe even a future heirloom for generations to come if you have a little one.
    No Burris is NOT twice as good. I belive its a tougher built scope tho. and since I only hunt out to 4-600 yds and practice a bit further,some times quite a bit further, I like thier bplex reticle better for the flat shooting calibers I shoot. 270wsm and 300wby. They help with hold over with 30-06 and 338 win mag, but are not quite as ''ON'' for P.O.I. with these as the wsm and wby, your 300wsm is in this''flat shooting'' catagory IMO.
    In response to your second question;I rode NIRA(College circut) and NPRA, (NORTHWEST Pro circut) bulls in 96-97 and bareback horses 97-99. Im done now
    Nikon makes an outstanding affordable scope. If your going to use it for long range LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR ''TURRITS'' and Practice alot with it. Yes an A/O is a must as far as Im concerned!Nikon has a great ''paralax fixed'' scope, but if you can look at a target at 6-900 yds and wiggle your head your crosshairs WILL MOVE without an A/O. Mine are all on the front, tho I wish they were on the side, for ease of use with a scope cap. And 179 for a12x Buckmaster is a good deal.
    the shop where I found the rifle has a nikon buckmaster 4-12x50 with the old adjustment on the front of the scope it has a duplex reticle its on clearance for 179 what do you think??
    Ok Im back. All my rifles wear Leupold rings and ''medium'' Leupold mounts. I own Leupold, Nikon, and Burris scopes, Nikon has exelent clarity, even down to thier pro staf models, but are no where near as rugged and tough as Burris, not to mention I dont like circles on my reticle like thier bdc model. However, I own 2 Nikons and love em' both with standard dulpex reticles.
    My 2 ''long range for factory rifles'' wear Burris 4.5x14x42mm a/o bplex scopes on Leupold Medium 2 pc. bases and Leupold rings. Both are on ''factory'' Model- 70 Winchesters, with 1;10 twist bbls and walnut stocks.Trigger adjustment(by me) 1 is 270wsm and the other is a 300 wby. Both shoot well with hand loads.
    Ps take your time breaking in that rifle. I always take a new one out of the box, and take the stock off and clean everything especially inside the bbl, then put it back togather, before I shoot.
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