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Jun 1, 2004
Worland, Wyoming
Counting down the days for my annual region H deer hunt in Western Wyoming, most of the horses are shod, last one gets done tomorrow and then Weds afternoon we head to our spot ready to ride in Thurs for the opener on Sat. I am hoping that this will be the year of the 30+ or something with lots of trash or a non typical or something else BIG. I have been practicing out to 1200 and will probably limit my shots to 800 with the 300 gr Berger out of my 338 Rum. All of my practicing has been at about 4200 ft so I haven't been able to verify drops at my 9200 to 10,500 hunting altitude, but hopefully the drop chart and PDA don't let me down. Now, I need encouragement to stay off the trigger until the right monster shows up.
Pulling the trigger is kinda anti climatic after all the other work. After the range time, reloading time and all the scouting and general BS you go through to get there. Enjoy the hunt and be safe up there.
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Season opens Saturday, we are going to try and get out of town by noon on Wednsday with fifth wheel and horse trailer, we will pack in Thursday morning so we should have one and one half days to scout and hopefully tag out on Saturday. We can stay all week if we need to, but I want to save some vacation for elk season so it really depends on the quality of deer we are seeing and the number of other hunters, not to mention our physical abilities and that of our horses. I opted not to buy a bear tag this year, so that means I will see a lot of bears and wolves and too bad because the wolf season is still two weeks away.
Well, two days of scouting @ 9500 ft yielded about 13 bucks. Several 4x3 in the 24 inch class, one 4x4 in the 25 inch class, one 4x4 that was a possible shooter in the 24 inch class with deep forks, several 20 inch class 4x4's and one non typical shooter that was about 22 inches main frame with some cheaters bringing him to about 25 overall.

Opening day, my partner was waiting for the non typical to pop up and a fellow hunter rode his horse right through the kill zone at day brake spooking the deer. I was up higher on the mountain and spotted a small two point at day break and the big bucks didn't show. I then kicked out a 20 inch 4x4 and a bigger 4x3. I didn't see any of the shooter bucks.

Sunday morning and I made a play for the non typical. I was in a great spot for a 300 yard shot, a 20 inch 4x4 popped up and headed for the timber. Then the non typical showed his sixth sense as all I could see was his skull plate up for about 3 seconds, no shot.

It was the hottest opener I have ever seen in Western Wyoming and I decided to bag the hunt and head for home. I am hoping some cold weather will come in and make the hunting better and then maybe I will go back. This weekend I will try and fill 3 antelope tags for practice.
Mike where did you guys hunt, we hunted there last year, did not have horses but missed a nice tall one opening day and then nothing for 2 more days that was noteworthy, came home with our Ant. and need to find a different spot next year for deer, still don't have horses but could round up a couple mules.
Anyway hope it cools off for you and you get it done, Wife took her first Wy Antelope this year with a 300 RUM she was on top of the world. Later Ray
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