Rebarrel .22-250 to 6mmBR Imp (Dasher)


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Jul 26, 2005
East TX
Are there any pitfalls to rebarreling a Rem .22-250 Varminter to a 6mm Dasher? What about 20 VarTag?

I don't know what kind of barrel life I will have by shooting the 52 gr AMAX at 4020 fps. I figure I should plan ahead.
This is an interresting read. I was first told about this round by a competition rifle maker. He told me to find a 700 Rem 243 just for the action. Well I bought the 243 and really started having fun paper punching and prarrie poodle busting.

I was thinking about all the possible cases that I could use and a 30 inch stainless target barrel. So many choices in 6mm.
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