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Jan 31, 2005
I was thinking about rebarreling my Kimber 22-250. I haven't done much research yet on bolt face or other factors. I'm not looking for any thing too wild. Something to shoot out to 500 yards as I am fortunate to have other rifles to extent beyond that distance.

Suggestions? 204 22-250AI
If your a handloader then their are several calibers , the regular 22-250 will get you to 500yds even with factory ammo , My bet would be for a faster twist barrel in either 22-250Ai or 243 Ai. A 1-10 twist 26" in a 22-250Ai will shoot 69gr SMK's out at the 3500fps mark and that bullet at that speed will get you to 500yds easly
Likewise with the 243Ai and a 75gr V-max you will have the same basic effect (major pop on target) at 500yds as you get with the 22-250 at 300yds. and if you get the 243Ai in a 1-8 twist you can shoot the 105gr A-max and that will get you in the 1000yd area.
Personaly I would lean tword the 243Ai hell even the regular 243 , they have better ballistics than the faster 22 and you can get great brass for them , from Lapua and Norma
Another intersting thing I'll put in you head is the 6mm BR , the balistics of that caliber shooting a 55gr V-max still beat most 22's shooting the same bullet and the barrel life is way longer , you can get you chamber cut for the Laupa brass and no case work is needed , just load and shoot. the 6mmBR will get you to 500yds easly with alot of bullet choices and as you probably know its reguarded as one of the most accurate calibers out their.
If 500 yards is your range limits then any modern high performance round could be made to work.

Personally I would look at two rounds. A fast twist 22-250 AI designed around the 80 gr bullets or a fast twist 6-250 for the 105-107 gr bullets.

I have been getting great results from customers with the 6-250, a real pleasure to load for and shoot. Will easily get you 2850 fps with a 107 gr SMK. 2900 fps is even pretty comfortable depending on what barrel length you have.

Very easy on barrels, plenty of long range potential, bucks the wind well, bullets are easy to get, and any VLD or ULD type bullets will work at these velocity ranges so there are no issues with bullet failure. Brass is quality and cheap and recoil is almost not even there in most rifle designs. Just a pleasure to work with.

Quickly becoming my favorite small capacity 6mm round.

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
What is the case capacity of the 6-250 you speak of? Is there any need to AI it? I as,k because I am back to considering either the 6-250 or a 6 BRX for use in a 500 m rifle. I may have the opportunity to stretch out to 800 yards a time or two, but most (90%) will be from the 500m line.
If you are looking at a 6-250, then you might take a good look at the 6mm's really the best of the 6-250s.....ready made brass and lots of load data and more than enough punch for 6-800 yards.
Kirby has my Savage 12BVSS right now and is putting an 8 twist Broughton chambered in 6-250 on it right now. I wanted a low recoil 1000 yd rifle that was economical to shoot. I was going to go w/a 6BR but the lack of brass forced me to go this route.

I've got close to 400 cases sorted and prepped. I'm chomping @ the bit to try this thing out. In a 15# rifle w/a Holland brake, this thing should have virtually no recoil. I'll be posting my results as soon as I get the rifle back!!!

Kirby recently shipped me a 6mm/250. With nasty weather only have 60 rounds or so through it so far. Even with barrel break-in cleanings, etc. looks to be a great shooter. Most all 5 shot 100 yard groups easily 3/8ths inch, some pushing 1/4 inch - and this with new brass. Heavy rifle with a brake, almost no recoil. Brass easily necked up to 6mm, once through the resizing die and your ready to load em. Easily see the bullets make holes in the paper. Makes for a nice package. Thanks Kirby.


Basically they are all in the same class case capacity wise. Benefits of the 6-250 is you can cold form brass and generally get very quality accuracy without fireforming cases.

There is plenty of case capacity to get a 105 to 107 gr VLD or ULD up to near 2900 fps and for 1000 yard shooting this is plenty for an easy shooting, long throat life rifle.

Only drawback is that there is some case stretching that may occur with top load levels. if you neck size only, not a huge problem and seldom are these rifles run to the red line, accuracy is generally a bit off that level of pressure so this is not a huge concern but it does happen with this case design.

The AI version will get you another 100 fps easily and eliminate any case stretching issues but again, your back to fireforming cases.

Between the 6-250 and 6 BRX, take your pick, both will get you what you want and both will easily reach 1K with fine accuracy.

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)

Is that another hint to get my rear back to work!!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Guy can't even take a 20 minute lunch break and enjoy some LRH chats!!!

It will be coming soon my friend.

Kirby Allen(50)

I was accurizing BJs receiver the other day and thinking over that rifle project and began thinking of how your little black beauty was doing for you. Was going to drop you an e-mail and ask but you beat me to it.

Glad to hear its shooting well already!! I suspect 1K will not be a problem with that rifle /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif!

I always tell people its neat to see your bullets land on target but with your rifle, you can actually see the bullet hole form with very clear detail. Very FUN rifle to shoot. In fact there may be one in the Allen Herd here soon as well.

As easy as the 6-250 is to load for and the performance it offers, its really hard to beat for a heavy bench type rifle.

Keep us posted on the results when things warm up. We are supposed to hit 22 below tonight and 35 below tomorrow night, I hear you about cold, nasty weather!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Re: Rebarrel 22-25.....choices

First of all thank you for the info, certainly good stuff to chew on.

The Kimber is the longmaster VT model which for the average guy it shoots darn good but I am looking for some thing better.

One thing I failed to mention is recoil in reference to bullet impact. With that being said, I own a .243 Browning Micro, Tikka 7mm-08 and a full custom .257 Weatherby. One of my objectives is for my daughter to shoot with me but have the rifle be mild enough for her to see the bullet impact the critter. Even at 13lbs, my 22-250 has enough jump to throw her off target.

.204 maybe? Bolt face is not going to work without a replacement bolt... O'well I guess I'm after another rifle
Re: Rebarrel 22-25.....choices

I'm personaly leaning towarss the 6mmBR as the caliber for a short action Ruger I have , I'm planing on a 24" 1-10 twist for shooting up to 80gr bullets , I'm gonna use it as a light weight deer gun and plinker with the 55gr V-maxes
No doubt there Bubba I would take a very close look at the quick twist 22/250 AI.

Mark D
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