realoading kit?

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  1. HH .338

    HH .338 Active Member

    Dec 14, 2002
    i'd like to purchase a realoading kit that has everything i need. i don't have any kit as it stands right now so i need everything.
    what would you guys recommend?
  2. Tim Behle

    Tim Behle Well-Known Member

    Mar 16, 2002
    It kind of depends on what you are going to be loading.

    If you only load the smaller cartridges, go with the Lee Anniversary kit. It's by far the best value for a beginner. If you change your mind in a couple of years, and decide reloading isn't your thing, then you won't be out a lot of money either.

    However, if you plan on loading for any of the big magnums, you'd be better off spending a little more up front and getting the Rockchucker kit. The Rockchucker is a top of the line single stage press with the size and strength needed to load anything from the 17 Remington to the 300 RUM.

    Both kits will come with everything you need to get started.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Everything that is, except DIES and components like powder, primers, bullets, etc...
  4. HH .338

    HH .338 Active Member

    Dec 14, 2002
    thanks guys. will the rockchucker set up work with custom dies for a 338 lm imp or a 338/378 imp? if yes do any of you guys know where to get custom dies for imp versions like that?
  5. BountyHunter

    BountyHunter Well-Known Member

    Jun 13, 2007

    You will find people with different opinions, but reloading a large size cartridge, think I would go with an all steel press such as the rockchucker. Mine is over 30 years old.

    As for reloading kit with everthing in it. Buy seperate quality pieces. Actually less money in the long run. Different mftrs make some very good tools and cheaper than others.

    Get the Sinclair catalog

    Get the K & M catalog for neckturning tools etc (717) 292-3175

    Here are some of the items and some recommended to start with. Not all inclusive list.

    You will need good press. "Rockchucker

    powder scale- can start with good beam scale or go whole hog for electronic.
    powder trickler (sinclair or midway)
    dial calipers (sinclair)
    neck micrometer (Darrel Holland makes good one)
    Neck turning tools (K & M)
    case trimmer (Forester)
    B & D power screwdriver with versa batteries
    Sinclair case holders set for screwdriver
    StonyPoint comparator set (sinclair)
    caseneck cleaning brushes
    RCBS hand priming tool
    Powder measure (best is Harrels Culver)
    primer pocket reamer
    flashhole reamer (S1 sells nice one)
    concentricity guage (RCBS or sinclair)
    loading blocks (sinclair or Midway)
    case lube (Hornady One Shot from Sinclair)
    FP-10 lube for neck turning lube
    imperial size die wax (sinclair)

    Bottom line you have $500-1000 in good tools here and list is not complete. Do not go cheap and buy same item 2-3x, buy quality tools the first time and be happier and save money in long run. nothing more frustrating than trying to make a cheap tool give you a level of quality it was not designed to do!!!

    Custom dies you have two choices.

    1. Your gunsmith can make them with a seperate resize reamer.

    2. Go to Neil Jones Custom dies at or (814) 763-4228. He makes the absolutely best custom resize die with neck bushings and capability to do a shoulder bump with a shoulder bump bushing. Only one on market like that and costs $175. He also makes a micrometer adjustable sizer die for $100. He will need your reamer drawings. On an improved case he can set it up to neck size only while you load and fire then send him 3 cases and the die. He will take the neck size insert out and put a FL size insert in it built to your fired cases specs.

    Good luck


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  6. Mysticplayer

    Mysticplayer Well-Known Member

    Jul 27, 2001
    I still use my Lee Anniversary kit to load everything including big magnums. Best bang for the buck. Match quality results - no kidding.

    Besides the kit, which includes your dies, you will need the following:

    Lee collet neck die for cartridge you use
    RCBC neck deburrer - the Lee one sucks
    Case trimmer: Forster for sure, lyman - yuck
    Loading block to hold up cases
    caliper to measure cases

    In time you will probably change the primer cleaner and you might need different Autoprime shellholders.

    Total cost: around $200 to 300 Cdn. That's it. Contact higginson powder in Ont for the best deals. They may even be able to work a Deluxe die set into the kit for a little more money (includes the collet die).

    From here, you can go crazy with accessories like those in the sinclair catalog. Not necessary but they give us something to do.

    Where are you in Canada?

    Jerry - Summerland, BC