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Nov 2, 2009
I've been through every post on here and i can't really decide. what i need is a rangefiner that will range a coyote up to 1000 yards during the day. terrain will be mostly flat on snowy ground. money is an object but i don't want to spend 800 if it doesn't do what i want. candidates are the swarovski, the leica 1200 or the zeiss. i've read some conflicting stories on beam convergence which is what i suspect will be the deciding factor in what i get. one post suggested the swarovski was better in that regard and another was suggesting the zeiss. i can't shoot past 1000 yards ability wise so the need for 1900 yard rock piles or trees isn't all that necessary, not that i won't take it.
Cross the Zeiss off your list.

I have one. Mine WONT get a coyote at 1000yrds in a field. 600-700 yards seems to be it's coyote limit. I got one to read at 880 yards after several tries but this isn't typical and I was looking down on the field.

Unless you're willing to pay $12,000 for a Vectronix, you should take a look at a wild optical rangefinder. They will range a coyote in a flat field over snow at 1000+ and they are in your price range. The trade of is that they are big and heavy.

You see them on Ebay every once in a while.
I went through Nicon, Leopole, zies and finally ended up with an Elite 1500. It is accurate and easy to use, bright, and doesnt cost and arm and a leg. It will range out to 1685 on a deer on flat land, and will pick up a coyote at 1255. I was really happy when it worked for me.
1000 yards, a coyote, bright sun, flat ground and snow... I say you are asking a lot and can tell you that non of the 4 Swaros, or 3 Leica 1200 CRF's would do it. Morning / evening light and no snow maybe.

If the Elite will fill this bill, I will buy one tomorrow.

so which one fits the bill the best and what can i expect? 600, 700? when i say flat, it's not totally flat. I'm in central north dakota. the coyotes like napping mid day on small hill tops that are covered in snow. I have a leupold RX-4 and it won't range a deer past 500. works a little better if i put it on a tripod but the excalibur rangefinder mount works good for slapping it on and getting steady. it just won't reach out there. i haven't read anything all that good about the bushnell except for the last post.
wildcat, i'm surprised the zeiss didn't work well for you. All the reviews I've seen had it working great in the field with non reflective targets out to 1300 yds easily.

What were the conditions you were ranging in?
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I took this one at 880 yards. You can see the terrain in the background. I had the RF's on top two sand bags. I find this even steadier rest than a tripod as I can hold it down and still push the button and never move it. I had both the Leica CRF and the Swaro there. They both ranged this dog but it was a challange. For only flat ground go Leica, if you have some hills with brush the swaro will reach out farther but will be fussier returning a repeat reading. The bigger beam and reticle in the swaro just pics up more objects in front and behind. What ever you get, treat it like a rifle. Put it on bags, and practice often and get to know its weakness and its strong points.

Jeff gun)gun)

I also have found that atripod with a sandbag on top works well for longrange for my Elite 1500. If Im facing into the sun I carry a good old piece of folded piece of moms tin foil so it slips over the top of the range finder and extends about 4-5 inches out front. This helps for sun glare and refraction of the lazer return. I didnt think it would work but it does.
for those not venturing far from a vehicle, nothing can touch the military barr & stroud, or wild rangefinders. all the rest are junk compared to those. they will work every time regardless of conditions. if you can see the target you will get a range. ive been using a barr & stroud for over 35 years. i also recently bought a wild on ebay which is as new. ive owned 2 swarovskis one of which i bought recently. im questioning my sanity for buying it. forget the damned reveiws, and what others tell you about them. go out and use one then decide.
wildcat, i'm surprised the zeiss didn't work well for you. All the reviews I've seen had it working great in the field with non reflective targets out to 1300 yds easily.

What were the conditions you were ranging in?

It works well and I like it. It's fast and I can get readings on trees, rocks, light colored cows & elk out to 1450. And it work well over snow. It just won't range a coyote at 1000 yards on a flat field.
i can get the zeiss prf for $600, the swarovski for $900 or the leica 1200 for $575. which one is going to work the best for me on the semi-flat grounds of north dakota? by the way, its not quite as flat at the posted picture by Broz. its basically a coyote sleeping on a snowy hillside. seldom is there any clutter around the dog other than snow. occasionally they lie on rock piles but they would only be easier to range. i'm ready to pull the trigger on one of these so anyone with experience with these, i would love to know which one to get.

either the leica crf 1200, the swaro or the zeiss PRF are the ONLY choices in this price range, forget all the others.

ANY of the above you cant go wrong with. Its entirely up to you which one you like to look thru better.

Any of these may or may not work in certain conditions especially over snow etc... you cant really say which one is best for your application, they all seem to be about the same but depending on the conditions, one may work slightly better than the other on a particular day but its not worth splitting hairs over in your decision.

The main difference between these 3 is swaro has proven to range the farthest, although i see no value in ranging things out past 1300yds anyway, i doubt ill ever shoot game that far away... perhaps you see differently...
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