Rangefinder (an open letter to Santa)


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Jan 19, 2003
Dear Santa,

I'll make this brief and to the point. I found my Christmas gift. Please send it (but not the bill). I've been an incredibly good person this year... sometimes. Ok... every now and then... a little... I had good intentions... sort of... There was that one time that I said a bad word... or two... ok maybe more than one time but I'm sure it was for good reason. Uh... I was just wondering... can you read minds? If so... can we overlook the beach / mall / etc stuff... those girls were in their 20's and my girlfriend eventually calmed down... So yeah... I've been amazing this year... When I think about how awesome I've been I get all fuzzy warm inside.

So I want these- LRB2500 Rangefinder Feel free to send them early. Overnight delivery is acceptable. Please don't do like you did in years past and send me the darned <--- see... I'm doing good, bill... that's a sneaky, low down trick to use MY credit card to buy MY gift with... Sir... Mr. Santa...

60-25,000m with + or - 5m accuracy...

25 THOUSAND meters might be a little overkill but with the way people advertise nowadays they are probably good to 2,500 meters if you don't have a "reflective target".

Thanks Santa... old buddy...
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