Range finders?

For that price you will only get out to 500 yds on deer and antelope. Do a search, many topics on range finders here over the years. Good luck.
I know you can only spend $300 but if you could save a bit more you will be very happy with a Leica 1200 CRF. Better to only cry once and be happy with what you spend your hard earned $$ on. I know of some deals where they are going for just over $500 new and have seen some offered used for $500 shipped. You may snag a used one soon for $450 or $475 if keep your eyes open.

I completely agree with Broz. I wanted to upgrade my old Buchnell 1000 and bought a Buchnell 1500. The 1500 is a ***. The 1000 would range deer at 800 yds and the new 1500 couldn't range a 3'x4' piece of cardboard at 600 yds. I missed an opprotunity at a "book" antelope at about 700 yds and couldn't get the 1500 to range at all. I even had 5 standing all together and the **** thing wouldn't bounce a laser for anything. Next year I'll have a Leica and a mildot master for backup.
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