Quick look at the Vortex Fury 5000 HD AB 10x42 (NOT a full review!!)


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Jan 7, 2015
Southwest Wyoming
My buddy got a pair of these and allowed me to take a quick look at them. Only got to compare them directly to a pair of Vortex Crossfire HD 10x42's, and didn't mess with the ballistic calibration or anything, just looked at the glass and ranged some stuff.

Glass seems decent, it is noticeably better than the 10x42 crossfire HD's. Keep in mind, yes these are roughly $1,500 binos, but this is only a couple hundred bucks more than the kilo 2400 that is a 7x monocular with the same on board sensors, so you can't expect $1,500 glass in these $1,500 binos, because there is so much more to them than just glass in a durable housing. Full stand alone applied ballistics calculator with 3 available profiles, all necessary environmental sensors, on board compass, inclinometer, Bluetooth, and a 5,000 yard rangefinder. For full details, go to Vortex site, I'm sure I'm missing other features.

The right lens (where the data is displayed) has a *slight* blue tint, so slight I didn't notice it at first in mid day, until looking at some photos I took. Then after looking for it, I was able to just notice it. Upon looking at it in low light, about 20 minutes after sunset, it was slightly more noticeable, but still only just. The photos below for some reason make it show up MUCH more than my eyes see it, it had to be intentionally looking for it to see it, when both eyes were open, I did not notice a difference in the two sides.

So, as one would expect, ranging seems great. It's about as quick as my sig kilo 2200, maybe a little slower but not enough to matter in any measurable form. The videos below show all. I apologize in advance, I did not have a phone scope or anything to mount them, so I had to go "old school" and free hand hold them ha ha. But anyway, ranging with these is awesome. Spanks my Kilo 2200's, in a big way. I can't think of a hunting scenario where these wouldn't have done the job, other than possibly during snow storms....in my experience, moderate to heavy snow fall kills any ranging ability immediately. Anyway, photos and videos below!! These are unlisted youtube links, so you will only be able to access them through these links.


These two below are mid day lighting, about 400 yards to the shady draw left center.


These two below are 20 minutes after sunset lighting, around 1200 yards to that draw in center of photo.


Well guys, this is my quick look at these. I really like the concept, and they seem like a fantastic stand alone solution with amazing ranging and drop solution, and very useable glass after one afternoon of having them in hand. If they come out with some in 15x, I will definitely be getting a pair!!
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Feb 9, 2013
Very nice for a first offering and certainly a set in the right direction ! I would be all over a set of 12x or 15x, or better yet a spotting scope if the glass is up to it. Is switching profiles the same as the Kilo2400 where you just transfer them from your phone ? And do they have a tripod mount ?
the Leica HD-B's have had the least amount of tint/shading of the lens of any ranging bino I have used, Bushnell being the worst.
Thanks for the write up, looking forward to seeing more field trials.