Question on shilen actions?


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May 3, 2010
I recently saw the shilen actions on their website and did some searching but didn't find to much info on them. Has anyone had one? If so how did it shoot? I'm curious as I like the ability to change and head space barrels on it from my savages but that it takes the Remington trigger and stocks. Kinda a cross between the two. Just wanted to hear some one who had one before I dropped 950 on an action.
Ya i built a couple off of them basically they are a 700 clone except the have 20tpi tenon which allows them to use savage barrels with a barrel nut. They are like a savage except nicer because you can use 700 triggers and bottom metal.
Thanks. I just have never heard of anyone that had one. So is it enough of an advantage that you would build another one over a savage action if you were to do it again?
I believe the fit and finish is nicer on the shilen and i enjoy it being a 700 clone. The only bad thing is you will have to open up stocks to account for the barrel nut which isnt there on a regular 700. Its up to you. I would yes but i wouldnt say it would shoot any better im just saying there nicer. Kinda like a jewel trigger vs a tuned remington the tuned rremington will work but the jewel is still nicer
Ok thanks. I am going to try and find one to look at then decide. I like the fact that they are nicer but in the end I just need dependability and accuracy.
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