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Jun 14, 2002
I read your post on barrel life for the .300 Tomahawk. I was wondering who built yours, and if you were happy with the work?

Frank D
Ray Romain built this rifle for me as well as several others and i'm very happy with his work. If you try to get in touch with Ray he wont be available till the middle of november as he and Darrel are elk hunting right now.
Thanks for the fast reply. I sent my action and stock to Ray a while back, and he was building me one as well. I am hoping to see it toward the end of November, or the beginning of December (as per Ray). I was very impressed when I spoke to Ray and heard good things about him. Glad you were happy with yours, if all goes well, and I can get the cash together I will send him off another project to build.

Frank D
He's also building me one right now.Except mine wont be ready untill the first of the year because were waiting on a Mcmillan MBR stock and Krieger barrel.
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