.338 Tomahawk,What is it?...


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
Is it a improved .338 Ultra Mag?..If not what cartridge is it based on.I was thinking of having another rifle built but keeping this one around 12lbs.But I have not decided on a caliber yet several have come to mind but nothing I'm set on.


I beleive there is no "actual" word for 338 Ultra Imp. yet. Some of them made up the name for it. You could say I did make up the word "338 Tomahawk". I'm using this word as a temporary.
Actually a gunsmith is getting a reamer for 338 Ultra Mag Imp. and wait to hear what he calls it. I don't think 338 Ultra Mag brass will be used, only 300 RUM brass and expand the neck to .338 plus lift the shoulder to 35 deg.
Maybe I could be wrong about this or I haven't got the update news yet.
300 Tomahawkallthewaaay

I don't know why my original post concerning this didn't get on.

The Tomahawk as I know it, and own one, is the 300 RUM improved to hold 8 or 9 grs more powder over the 300 RUM and also has 35 degree shoulder as an improvement.
This is the 300 Tomahawk.

I don't know if someone has thought up the 338 Tomahawk but, it would be the same case dimensions as the 300 only the neck would be a .338" instead of the .308".
I guess one could call it the 338 Tomahawk if thery wanted to.

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