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Jul 23, 2002
i have a few ?'s for the experts of this board. i have been reading alot about the 300 tomahawk, and it has caught my attention. i would like to start shooting and hunting long range, so would this be a good caliber? i am planning on buying a rem sendero in 300UM and having it rebarreld. will this work. one of my concerns is recoil. if the rifle weighs 15lbs, how would this compare to a 9lb 300 weatherby? sorry about the long winded post, and thanks in advance for all replys
My uncle shoots a 30-404 Improved, which is almost exactly the same thing as a Tomahawk.
His rifle weighs 16.25 pounds and has a muzzle brake. When shooting the highly efficient 240 grain Sierra, the recoil is very stiff, too much for me to really enjoy shooting. Without the muzzle brake, it would be a real picnic. Maybe you are use to magnums and wouldn't mind it at all but you'd definitely need the brake on there.
How far do you need to shoot? The 6.5-284 has minimal recoil, is very accurate, and will kill out to 1,000 yards.
I am about to build a 300 UM for myself but mine will weigh in around 35 pounds.

The Tomahawk is simply an improved 300 RUM that holds up to 7 to 9 more grs of powder over the standard 300 RUM.
Mine weighs 20# and without the KDF brake I just had installed, it was too much for my wife to shoot and with 240 gr bullets, I didn't like it that much either.
With the brake on, it's like a 243 or a 270 shooting 100 gr bullets.
For accurate shooting in any high recoil rifle a brake is needed unless you have a heavy rifle built such as Prime is going to build.
He will need the 35# to tame the recoil especially if 240 gr bullets are used.
thanks for the reply's. darryl, how loud is your gun with the brake on? i really like this round and would like to long range hunt with it, and i don't like using brakes. would a 6.5-284 kill a deer at say 1000yds with a good shot? thanks again
Yes, a 6.5/284 will kill a der at 1000 yards if you have all the rest of the equipment to go with it.

Why don't you like the brakes? A heavy recoil rifle can always be shot more accurate with a brake on it especially with multiple shots being fired.

If the noise is the problem, many fellows are using the slim tactical ear protectors that have the adjustable volumn controls on them. Not only do they keep your ears warm, they also will allow you to hear animals in the distance very easily. When the report of the rifle goes off they shut down any loud noise and then come right back on.

Cost about $125.00

Darryl I have been talking to the people at Manson's and Clymer and as soon as you mention 300 Tomahawk they think you are talking about a Lazzeroni cartridge . Have I got this wright the one you are talking about is the 300 Rem. Ultra Mag with a 35 degree shoulder , a 300 Rem Ultra Mag Improved . Thanks Willy 1
Contact Ray Romain at 814-265-1948

He is the gunsmith that has the reamer and Dave Manson is who he got it from.
It is NOT the Lazzeroni cartridge

Willy 1

yes it's the 300 ultra mag imp from Dave Manson reamers. 35 degree shoulder.
Redding dies are available from Ray Romain
again, thanks darryl and prime for the help. i am planning on getting a sendero in 300UM and eventually getting it rebarreled. how bad is the recoil on a sendero 300UM? if i decide to go the tomahawk route, where do you get dies from, and how much do they cost? and for my last question is, how do you prep your remington brass for the tomahawk? sorry for the long post, and thanks for all the help
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